2012 In Retrospect


What a year it was!  Around this time of year, I review the goals that I set way back on January 1st, 2012. So what were the goals?  Here are the three that I talked about at start of the year;1. Reduce our meat intake by 80%.  PASS!Well, I am pleased to say that we met this goal easily.  In fact, vegetarian meals are now our default setting and roughly 90% of our meals are   [Continue Reading …]

A Green Holiday To One and All!


A very Merry Christmas to all my readers!May you all have a very green Christmas ( or whatever festival you celebrate this time of year) and a sustainable New Year.I am taking a bloggy break for a few days, so have a read through the archives to get your dose of festive greening.  There are over 1250 posts in all to read and digest, which I know you will enjoy.All the best to you and your   [Continue Reading …]

Shopocalypse 2012

As the end of the Mayan long count calendar comes to an end, and another one begins, I see no sight of the predicted end of days.  Then again with only two hours to go here in Australia before the big day, I may be a bit earlyIf you are reading this on the 21st then, of course,  it was just another false end of the world prediction that will go down in history along with the   [Continue Reading …]

Story Of An Egg


Every wondered what the difference between a cage egg and free range means?  Do free range chickens actually get to get to go outside?  Can they eat bugs and grass?Well dear readers, look no further as this video from http://www.lexiconofsustainability.com/ explains the situation in the US, which is mostly the same here in Australia. Enlightening, isn't it. I wonder if   [Continue Reading …]

Limoncello Matured


Ahh, Limoncello!  One of the most refreshing summer time drinks I have ever tasted.I first wrote about this delightful lemony drink back in August last year in the post, funnily enough, titled Limoncello.  This post also includes the recipe that I used for this batch. The first batch I made was nice, but it was cloudy, and a slight bitter after-taste.  So I made a second batch two months   [Continue Reading …]

Keep Calm, Carry On


Just because we fear something doesn't mean we should give up the good fight.  I realise that being afraid or angry about what may pan out in the future can become paralyzing, but it is just one of the seven stages of change (stage 1 and 3). On the contrary, we need to work harder, because the fear has helped us to articulate, in our own minds, the possible consequences of   [Continue Reading …]

I Fear That …..

....our world has changed in the span of one human lifetime, and we are making it uninhabitable for ourselves. ....our governments, companies, and citizens choose not to act to prevent catastrophic consequences that approach us like a bullet train.....we have failed to change and will not open our eyes to the reality around us because it is just too damn inconvenient to do   [Continue Reading …]

Clean Again, Naturally

What would you say if I said I could save you at least $20-30 off your fortnightly shopping bill by following some simple cleaning tips? Just by using natural cleaners that you can make yourself, you will save money, and keep nasty chemicals out of your waste stream that would otherwise make its way into our waterways.  Easy peasy, lemon squeezy!Since our family started the journey towards a   [Continue Reading …]

Living Like Tom and Barbara? – Part 2


In part one of this post, I liken the two main characters from the 70's TV sitcom "The Good Life" to Kim and myself.In this post, I will talking about some the successes and failures that have made us laugh and cry, just as Tom and Barbara often did.One of the most infectious things about the TV show was Tom and Barbara's eternal optimism and determination to succeed, even when things were not   [Continue Reading …]

Spuds and Onions


Home grown potatoes and onions are easy to grow and harvest, and have more flavour than supermarket bought stuff.  They are also much, much fresher as those bought can be up to a year old before you get them.  They both need full sun and lot of water to help them grow big and fat.Anyway, today was spud and onion harvest day at the house of TGOG.  My fingernails   [Continue Reading …]

Living Like Tom and Barbara? – Part 1


When I was a kid in the 70's we used to watch a UK TV show called "The Good Life" (in the US they changed it to "Good Neighbors").The show was about Tom and Barbara, a married couple of 40 somethings, who decided to totally drop out of the rat race and go self sufficient in a somewhat posh suburb in London.  They rotary hoed the front and back lawns, planted veggies,   [Continue Reading …]

Giving Some Back – Donating


Donating makes me feel good, especially to a worthy cause, such as sustainable living education.I joined a not-for-profit group, the Alternative Technology Association back in 2006 as one of my first actions to learn about sustainable living.  This association has always provided helpful green living advice, and technical and practical information via their two wonderful magazines,   [Continue Reading …]

Cover Your Windows


Did you know that glass can be the cause of around 10-20% heat loss in winter and around 25-35% heat gain in summer. Windows are not a very good insulator at all and are a bit of a mixed blessing. You can let a cool breeze flow through at the end of a hot day and it can let out VOC pollutants and cleanse the internal air. Double GlazingSo what can you do about this   [Continue Reading …]

Readers Choice Month


"If you don't get feedback from your performers and your audience, you're going to be working in a vacuum." ~ Peter Maxwell DaviesI am always grateful for the feedback that I receive via the comments section of this blog, and attempt to reply to as many questions as I can. So today, I have decided to reach out for the ultimate reader feedback, and give you some choice about some of   [Continue Reading …]

TGoG Podcast 029 – TGoG eBook Reading


Back after a long, long break, I start off the podcast again with a bang! This episode is a special eBook reading from my book titled "The Greening of Gavin - My First Year of Living Sustainably". I wanted to do this podcast for a while now, because so many people have asked me how I perform a book launch for an eBook.  Well this puzzled me for a while until a mate mentioned that I should   [Continue Reading …]

4 Lessons I Learnt Today


Learning is an essential part of living.  As Henry Ford once said "Anyone who stops learning is old, whether at twenty or eighty. Anyone who keeps learning stays young. The greatest thing in life is to keep your mind young."During my morning meditation, it came to me that I learn every day.  Here are four random lessons I learnt today.1.  Never chase an escaped dog down the road   [Continue Reading …]