Green Living Forums


A few days ago, I was sent an invitation to join an on-line forum called EcoLivingScene.comThis is what they have to say about the forum from the email I received;"EcoLivingScene is NOT about eco-activism so much. It’s about average people inspiring and supporting each other to make simple and cost-effective lifestyle changes that everyone can make to help the environment."I don't normally   [Continue Reading …]

Just like the Tropics


The little plastic greenhouse is nice and toasty warm. Today when I checked it at lunch time is was a wonderful 27 degrees C! The normal outside temperature was 11 so there is a very big differential between the inside and outside air temperatures. So much so, that two of the six tomato plants I have in pots are already flowering. It is the first time I have seen anything like it. So far some   [Continue Reading …]

Give Us This Day Our Daily Bread


Bread is good. Not the store bought white bread that costs a $1.50 a loaf and tastes like glue, I mean the real, honest, home made wholemeal bread. Kim has been busy in the kitchen this afternoon, and came up with these delights. The rolls are for Ben's school trip to the Werribee Open Range Zoo tomorrow. These are photos of just the risen bread just before she cooked them.She even baked these   [Continue Reading …]

Libraries are Cool and Free


Since my back injury a year ago, I have had a lot of time on my hands recovering. Now, I don't like watching commercial television because of the ads and product placement on just about every show, and only watch ABC or SBS at a push. My only two other options for entertainment and learning were the Internet, and books. I chose mainly the the latter, mainly because a good book does not use   [Continue Reading …]

Seeds in the Mail (finally)


Not a very exciting day, however, my seeds from the Digger's Club have arrived via Australia Post, minus the Chilean Guava plant. That should be here by the end of the week.So, it looks like I will have to make up a big bucket full of seedling mix and fill up the greenhouse to the brim with trays full of seeds. It is still a barmy 20-25 degrees C during the afternoon in the greenhouse (just like   [Continue Reading …]

The Price of Petrol

Kim sent me this email today which is a thought provoking view of the price of petrol compared to other liquids that we consume. I think whoever wrote it has missed the point, but read to the bottom where I will add my commentary. All these examples do NOT imply that petrol is cheap; it just illustrates how outrageous some prices are.You will be really shocked by the last one (at least, I   [Continue Reading …]

A Cockroaches View of Humans


Just imagine looking at the current state of the planet from the perspective of the humble cockroach. From their point of view, we are doing a pretty good job on wiping ourselves out by stuffing up our current civilisation and many other mammalian species in the process.Also imagine, if you will, a website written by our cockroach friends, laughing at our own stupid destruction, and the kind of   [Continue Reading …]

Lunchtime Gardening Advice


Yesterday, during my lunch hour, I met a lovely lady called Jacquie, who had contacted me via internal email at work. She was after some gardening tips, and had seen my profile on our company's Intranet. I have found that over the last few months, that when a new profile for a different person gets posted, I inevitability get an email or a call because my profile listed in the archive of that   [Continue Reading …]

The Rat Race

For those of you who have been following my posts on excessive consumerism, here is a video that just sums it all up. This is exactly how I felt 3 years ago. Thank goodness for a sustainable lifestyle.Enjoy!P.S. I promise more posts next week, have been starting to get snowed under with work. How ironic!   [Continue Reading …]

Bartering Is Back


I like bartering. It is far superior than using money, because of the obvious fact that you don't need any to make a transaction between two parties. You only need to come to a joint consensus regarding the perceived value of the goods you are bartering.So far this month, I have swapped; a big bag of spinach for a bag of Meyer lemonsa big bag of spinach for three bags of wood ash (great for the   [Continue Reading …]

Reported Site Attack

Some of you may have come across a security warning if using Firefox as your browser or have the google toolbar installed in Internet Explorer. I can assure my readers that I have fixed the issue up.Unfortunately, I had a link to Best Green Blogs on the side bar, which has been subject to attack because it has links to many malicious sites that forces your browser to download software without you   [Continue Reading …]

Is it really about Saving the Planet?

Lets face it readers, it really isn't about saving the planet, is it?The planet Earth will be here long after we are all worm food, and will be doing fine a few billion years after that. Its about making the environment around us habitable for the human race for just a little bit longer, and in the process, attempting to stop us from destroying ourselves and the other species that share the big   [Continue Reading …]

An Afternoon Out With The Kids and a Slow Weekend


It has been a very long time since I have enjoyed an afternoon out with the kids. Today, I bit the bullet and decided to take Ben and Amy to our local cinema to see the new Star Wars movie "The Clone Wars". It took a bit of preparation as I knew that I might not be able to sit down for the entire movie, so I made sure that I had some painkillers on hand to make sure that I didn't spoil anyones   [Continue Reading …]

Reality vs Perception

I believe that the world around us is 10% reality and 90% personal perception. In other words, there is how it really is, and what we think it is! Now, this may seem to some as a bit nutty, but as I observe the daily grind around me, I notice more and more that this belief is a good way to look at the world. If you think you are poor, most of your perception will be centred around that idea,   [Continue Reading …]

Living Frugally for Real


I received a bit of a shock today. Because I have been off of work for 4 weeks, due to a workplace injury that occurred a year ago this week, my pay has been cut by 66% for the next fortnight. OMG was my initial feeling, and the next was how are we going to make our mortgage payment?Thankfully, all of the hard work that Kim and I have been putting in regarding stockpiling, growing our own food,   [Continue Reading …]

The Greenhouse


As promised, here are the photos of our newly repaired plastic greenhouse, or some would call a seedling raising tent!It is amazing what some bubble wrap, gaffa tape and a determined wife can do!Here is a better view of the top of the tent. The tomato seedlings are visible on the top shelf, as is the mandarin tree in the back left where they self seeded.Today, I planted some Capsicums (bell   [Continue Reading …]