Home Brewing Workshop

On Saturday, with a little bit of a sore head from the party the night before, the Melton Sustainable Living Group hosted a home brew workshop at my house.

As my Cerveza was not quite ready, I had to dash out and buy another kit, so I have the added bonus of being able to make two batches of beer, cider or ginger beer at the same time.

Anyway, to cut a long story short, Kim filmed the workshop, and I have edited it into three parts.  I hope you find the time to watch this educational documentary, courtesy of the MSLG.  You will notice that the standard of cinematography is a lot higher than normal, as we lashed out and bought a $30 tripod for the video camera.  It is amazing how much of a difference it makes!

Part One

Part Two

Part Three with Q&A session

The next day, I checked both the Cerveza and the Cider to see their progress.  The cider was not bubbling, so I took off the lid to ensure that it was indeed fermenting (which it was), so I screwed the lid back on super tight.  This sealed it correctly this time, and the airlock started working ferociously.

I then took a hydrometer reading of the Cerveza, which indicated that it was finished primary brewing.  I sterilized all the bottles, placed a teaspoon of sugar in the small ones, and two in the large.  After I filled them all, I cleaned out the barrel ready again for another batch that I will make this weekend.  I am going to brew a Coopers Dark Ale next, which I have made before, and it was very nice on a cold winters evening straight out of the shed without any prior refrigeration.

I just checked on the Cerveza, and it is clearing well, with only a very thin layer of sediment on the bottom of each bottle.  I can live with that!  And as for the Cider, well due to the fact that I only put in 500gm of Dextrose, it looks like it has finished fermenting as well.  I will check it with the hydrometer and possibly bottle it tomorrow night!  I can taste it already.


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    Great post and videos, Gav. You put Paul Mercurio to shame :-).

    (For those not familiar with Coopers kits, actor/dancer Paul Mercurio (from Strictly Ballroom, and the less well-known but my favourite, Welcome To Woop Woop) does the demo on the instructional DVD that comes with them.)

    I’ve got two kits as well. I use one for ginger beer only, and the other for beer. The ginger beer fermenter retains the flavour a bit, and taints any beer you make in it.

    By coincidence, I bottled up my latest batch last night too! I think I’ll take your suggestion and brew a dark ale next.

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    @ Dixiebelle,

    Yes, show your hubby. It is so easy to make. Do you think people would watch a video on how to bottle the beer?

    @ Mickle,

    Thanks for watching. The cider that I make is very nice indeed, and love your two stories.

    I will give Butch a pat for you!

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    Oh, I thoroughly enjoyed watching that – and I can’t drink beer these days. Now cider is another matter ….

    You’ve brought back two very funny memories for me –

    1987, the barman in a Madrid Hotel who wouldn’t serve me a beer until I’d learnt to pronounce Cerveza correctly (Cervetha in Spain).

    And the early 1990s when newly retired Dad had a glorious time home brewing ( he too has to be carefull with beer these days – not alcohol, just beer).

    Love your beer labels. Super thanks to you and Kim, and hope you are close to having a functioning kitchen again. Give Butch a pat from me.


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