TGoG Podcast 056 – Soap Making at Home

The Greening of Gavin Podcast

This episode was all about soap making at home, and I was lucky to have Kim on the show today as my co-host. We talk about how we got into soap making, the basic process, some early failures and successes, safety suggestions, and some advanced soap making techniques that we use. I also mentioned a few links during the show; We bought our first kit at Simply Natural Soap Making   [Continue Reading …]

Successful Sustainable Living Workshops During 2013


This weekend just past was the final workshop for 2013 that Kim and I have been running under aptly named business, Little Green Workshops.  During each school term, we have taught at least three classes, usually within the same month. November was exceptionally busy for us with three classes and one presentation. Earlier in the month we taught soy candle making.  We had seven   [Continue Reading …]

Our Soap Making Workshop


If you thought I had worked hard making the new front yard garden beds, then you are going to love this.The very next day, Kim and I taught a Soap Making workshop at Melton South Community Centre, which started at 10am.  No Sunday sleep in was had.We seemed to be really rushed, and just got setup with only 5 minutes to spare.  Kim and I both agreed that we need to prepare better the day   [Continue Reading …]

Clay Ovens, Soap, Pumpkins, Cheese, and Pepinos


What do all these things have in common?  Well not much  normally, but in my week of fun, quite a lot!My Dad and his partner Norma, and Kim's mum, Pam have been visiting over the last few weeks.I have been spending time away from the blog and the internet in general to spend time with them all.Meal times have been quite hectic, but otherwise, very enjoyable and relaxing time has been had   [Continue Reading …]

Our Soap Making Workshop


Sunday was busy, busy, busy.Kim and I taught our first public soap making workshop! It was over-subscribed, which was great news for us which tells us that there is a lot of interest in the course, so there is an overflow session which will be on Sunday 28th April so that no one misses out. We now have a dedicated green workshop site - Little Green Workshops ( that   [Continue Reading …]

Making My Soap Box


Who is ready to build a soap box?  No, not to stand on, but to pour home made soap into!Okay, they are probably more technically a soap mould, and much better than getting on ones soap box.Pretty basic design.  I used 13mm (1/2 inch) ply off cuts.  My friend David then brought around his Triton workbench with electric saw attached and we cut up the ply into the right sizes.   [Continue Reading …]

Our First Soap Making Workshop


Yesterday was another first.  It was our first attempt at a soap making workshop!  Allow me tell you about it.Previously we had provided demonstrations for members of the local sustainable living group, so Kim and I wanted to take it to the next level, and begin to teach this skill to members of the wider community.  We were excited to be teaching as a team.However, as we like to   [Continue Reading …]

Secret of Good Soap


Did you know that most commercial soaps have some of the following ingredients?Synthetic Scents– Soaps may contain fragrances which are synthetic compounds that can lead to drying out or irritation of your skin.Triethanolamine – is an ingredient common to branded soaps. This is a possible human carcinogen that is linked to other health problems. When this ingredient is present, three other   [Continue Reading …]

Soap Nuts

I read about soap nuts way back in 2007.  They are used in India and other parts of the world as an alternative to soap.  Check out this groovy snippet from season 3 of "It's Not Easy Being Green" which Kim and I often have a good laugh to. Even though we make all of our own soap now using vegetable oil, it would be cool to get my hands on some of these if they were grown locally.    [Continue Reading …]

All Bubbly at the Co-op

Probably old hat for most of my readers, however you can never promote a good video tutorial too much I reckon!  Especially when a) it is about soap making and b) it took an afternoon to edit it!So those who missed it, please pop over to the Simple Green Frugal Co-op for my soap making video tutorial.Gav   [Continue Reading …]

Our Soap Recipe


I received this email today, and thought that it was a good one to share with you all, particularly the question;Hi Kevin, I Stumbled upon your blog last night when i decided it was time to do some research on making my own soap. Love your blog & all your links! I just cannot bring myself to buy it (for obvious reasons) and my hubby has had enough of my soap stand-off!! I   [Continue Reading …]

A Great Use of Dead Space


Before After Now that there is a massive space in the lounge room left by the vacated TV we have put it to good use to dry our home made soap. Here are a few samples of what we have created over the last few weeks.  Pretty colours don’t you think?  By the way, the green soap that I made in the   [Continue Reading …]

Soap Making

It has been a while since we made soap, so today we pumped out 5kgs of the stuff in preparation for Sustainable House day.  When I explained how to make in the post, "Lather Up Folks!", a few readers asked for a video.  Well, if you don't ask, you don't get, and you did ask, so here it is in video format starring yours truly with a duration of about 16 minutes all up.  I don't   [Continue Reading …]

Soap Factory


The soap factory is in full production mode.  Kim and I have been very busy making lots of different types of soap for a big order we have from a friend.  We have been making two types, a basic castille (olive oil) soap with various fragrances for display, and a more bubbly and cream soap for friends and personal use.  I use the following oils; Olive, Rice bran, Sunflower, and   [Continue Reading …]

Soap Central


Well, Saturday and Sunday were huge.  There was more soap in the house than a season of Young and the Restless!The day started something like this.  Up early to do my morning jobs.  Fed the chooks, cleaned the pool, harvested more tomatoes, refilled the water butts from the main tanks.  The light rain we had on Friday helped fill the tank by another quarter.  Then off to   [Continue Reading …]

A Great Soapy Outcome


Fantastic news everyone!  Remember all of those wonderful comments on my post "Lather Up Folks!", where some of you started a conversation about the damage that the clearing of Indonesian and Malaysian Rainforest for Palm Oil plantations is doing to the habitat of the Orangutan due to western demand for the product.  Well, I received an email yesterday from Yvonne Cowell, who owns Aussie   [Continue Reading …]