TGoG Podcast 056 – Soap Making at Home

The Greening of Gavin PodcastThis episode was all about soap making at home, and I was lucky to have Kim on the show today as my co-host.

We talk about how we got into soap making, the basic process, some early failures and successes, safety suggestions, and some advanced soap making techniques that we use.

Listen to the Episode Below (00:21:42)
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I also mentioned a few links during the show;

Soap Making at Home

We have been using our own soap now for over four years, and I even wash my hair with it as well.  It is a great moisturising bar that doesn’t tighten your skin after washing.

Kim and I love our natural soap, with no added nasties.  We always source sustainable ingredients, and only use vegetable oils in our soap.  Not only is it good for us, but it is good for the environment.

Don’t forget that you can leave a comment if you would like to hear anything in particular or have any questions about soap making at home that you would like answered on the show.

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Until next time, stay keen and keep it green.  As always, feedback is welcome via comment.  I have to convince Kim to appear on the show more often somehow!


  1. Lynda says

    I read the post before listening and burst our laughing when it mentioned washing YOUR hair – very economical – it would last forever Gav. Does Kim use her own soap on her hair? That would be an advertisement because she has luscious locks all women would die for.

    Love Kim being on the podcast – i think she should be on every one.

    Have you guys thought of packaging up sets of soap and selling them at your course or online? Id buy some. It might be a way of reducing your stock and then you wouldnt have to store it. If i knew that my guys would use homemade soap, then id look into doing the course myself. Id be especially interested in a special soap for teenage boys. It would have to be very heavy duty, male scented (sandlewood) and have magical powers that allowed it to jump onto their bodies. I cannot get my 17yr to lift his bloody arms in the shower. Yes, i know the time will come when girls are on the scene, but in the meantime he stinks the house out even after a shower. Ive threatened to go in their and do it for him.

    • Lynda says

      there not their. Proofreading is not my strong point. I bet that is something you would point out in your blog course. As would my failure to capitalise my i’s. Cant be bothered. Its a quirk. I could be your example of what not to do. Hmmmm Lesson 2. Dont think you are funny when you are not….

    • Gavin Webber says

      Hi Lynda. No, but Kim does use other eco products on her hair. We do have ingredients available at soap making workshops, but not for posting at the moment.

      Oh, and thanks for the feedback about Kim being on the podcast. She does enjoy it, and now wants to be the co-host during most shows.

      Gav x

  2. sarah says

    I found a great way to use plain bars of soap.. found this on ‘cheapskates’ website. using just one bar of soap grated + 1 cup washing soda + 1/2 cup borax mix together.. this makes enough washing ‘powder’ to last 1 year.. you use just 2 teaspoons per wash.. apparently does great job!

    • Gavin Webber says

      Hi Sarah, yes it is a pretty cool recipe. The best type of soap to use is a hard bar, like a pure olive oil (castile) soap. It goes rock hard when cured and is perfect for laundry work. It has a lather but light on the bubbles which is perfect for washing powder.

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