6th Blogiversary


Today marks the sixth year of writing this blog.  Remarkable when you think about it.  Many bloggers burn out well before now, but maybe that just shows that I am a stubborn bugger!

It has been a part of my journey each and every day since I started that first post back in February 13th, 2008.  Rarely does a day go by when I think about what to write in the next post, what messages are still to be written, who to interview next in the podcast, and the next photo opportunity.  Even Kim has started to take photos to put up on the blog when she bakes or makes something.  It is quite infectious and powerful, this blogging thing.

So where too from here?

Well as I have always said, this blog has always been about my journey towards a more sustainable lifestyle, warts and all.  The journey is far from over and there are so many people yet to reach.

Not wanting to sound ungrateful, but 1.8 million pages views is just not enough.

What it does mean, however, is that there are so many more people to reach, so many more to talk to, and so many more to pass on skills and knowledge to, about how to easily reduce their environmental footprint.

I don’t know if it is a lost cause.  I don’t know if we will collectively act in time, but I do know this.  It is worth doing and writing about.  It is worth fighting the good fight.  Day in. Day out.

Because I do what I do for the children.

And that my friends is why I will continue to blog and podcast about the little green actions that are so simple to do.   If I can get off my behind and give it a go, then it just shows how easy it is.  It’s not like I am knitting a Yurt!

Remember this simple little mantra.  It is a far better thing for us and the planet to make, create, and do, than simply buy, consume and throw away.  It is much more rewarding as well.



    • Gavin Webber says

      Hi Jessie. Now that would be nice because it would mean that the message is truly getting out there.

      Gav x

  1. mocinoz says

    good one Gav, I hope you still going in another 6 years. Otherwise where am I going to steal all my ideas from? :)


    • Gavin Webber says

      Of course. And that is the general idea, sharing everything we do so that others can make their own changes if they want.

  2. Emma says

    Congrats Gavin – you have been one of the sole sources inspiring me to get chooks, start my veggie garden and continue working towards my rainwater tank and solar panels. Oh and you’ve turned me into a blogger too! Well done.

    • Gavin Webber says

      Thanks Emma, and well done. Looks like my evil plan to convert the planet to sustainable living is working! 😉

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