The Slippery Slope of Backyard Chooks

I was just out admiring my girls (chooks) and watching their antics and wondered if there were hazards to having backyard hens.

Are there any hazards that a little bit of common sense won’t fix?

Well apparently there are!  There are many hazards as this homesteader video attests to.  Have a look.  It is an eye-opener.

This lady is the best.  I just wish that someone had have warned me.  I am only up to the Feta stage, without the goat, but I am friends with someone who owns one!

Enjoy, it will make your day.


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    I love this chick, pardon the pun, and am sure that all chook lovers and backyard farmers can totally relate to her concerns. Lucky for me, I’ve been spared from the slippery slope because my husband is retired and has taken up the role for me! But I have pondered the idea of a goat or two.

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    Ok, that is more than just a little close to home! 😉 Yes, we looked at the cow/steer idea (Dexter cows are great for all three purposes – milk, meat and as oxen), we’re debating a sheep for mowing and meat purposes and of course, I have the goat. Our roosters all have names, even if just group names (the Yellow boys, The Red Roosters, the Henny Penny’s (layers) etc) and the ducks do too. I DO talk to them all although with 3 kids to baby talk the chooks and goat get treated to adult conversations, including comparisons in the behaviour between their babies and mine. 😉 It IS a slippery slope I completely agree but wotcha gonna do when your parents are the ones that start it all off with keeping chickens?

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      Jessie, when I first saw this video, I instantly thought of you (in a good way of course).

      Your animal tribe never ceases to amaze me, and I wish I had the room to do the same. Hey, you could always let the cows graze on that ‘dead’ land on the other side of the creek :-)

      Gav x

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    They are like the children you have when your “real” ones have left the nest – I now grow the vegies that I know the girls will like…. however, my chookies also have other friends, like pigeons :( and now a peacock :(:( Joy

  4. Anonymous says

    I was sent that video by a friend last week with the comment ” I saw this and thought of you ” accompanied by a wink wink
    that same day I had been discussing how I could accommodate a pig without the local council becoming aware
    the people at work are regularly regaled with my chook tales and tribulations (fox attacks etc) & they ask after the chookies
    the chooks and roosters all have names (generally based on a trait-like Sneaky, Cheeky and Trouble)
    the “gallery” on my phone IS full of chook photos. so she describes me to a tee
    Claire in kalorama

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    I know the person that you know with the goat and oh my, if she hasnt done exactly that. There is no hope for her. Honest. I did think the other day that perhaps i should starting growing mealy worms for my chooks to eat. Is that one step along that slippery slope?

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      Lynda, if I wasn’t such a bug-phobe I would be raising mealies too. :) Less chook food to buy in and one more way to raise their protein levels. :)
      As for no hope, I hate to say it my friend but you’re not far behind me on that slippery slope. 😉

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    Good grief I’ve fallen down the slippery slope and I didn’t even know it. Bought more chooks on the weekend – 4 Australorp hens and a rooster called Lucky (cause he was lucky he didn’t end up as roast). Already have six other hens and two roosters – not to mention to mention Billie the Goat (he was meant to be a she and a dairy goat – DH can’t tell the difference apparently) and a sheep called “Sausage” who was supposed to be a wool sheep but is a Dorper and DD2 has declared she is a pet and therefore not edible!!!

    Good thing I’m being strong on the whole cow and pig idea.

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    Ha ha just love it. Thats me to a tee. My friend often says to me , your not listening are you , your thinking about chickens arnt you….. and yep I am.

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