Tell Ben That You Care

We were marking Ben’s home school work today and stumbled across this piece of work.

The hypothetical situation was that he had to pretend to be a radio DJ, and he was asked to write a short talk about something that he disliked in the world.  He wrote this;

“Meanwhile in in the world, global warming is taking place.  Ice caps are melting and sea levels are rising.
I almost feel like half the world doesn’t care.”

How astute that he has realised this at age 13.  We certainly don’t talk about this subject every day, and mainly I keep my own concerns about climate change close to my chest so as to shelter him a little.  Sad, that he feels like our generation is not concerned about one of the biggest issues facing his generation, and what is left of our own.

So, lets do something special for Ben.  Leave a comment if you care, so that we can show him that at least a big percentage actually cares and wants to do something to make it better.  I am sure that it would make us all feel a bit better, and show the lad some hope.

Gav x


  1. Anonymous says

    Hi Ben, I think there are more people than you think do care what happens to our planet. My family are grown up and two have families of their own. After having lived with them recently I wish they cared more for their environment. One of them has a big wheelie bin that will take all their plant matter eg vegetables scraps etc but that would mean another container to have to put things before going to the bins. She has three one for normal rubbish one for recycled and then the plant matter one. My son is also the same some things go to recycled some to the chooks and some to the dogs. But I see a lot of what is given to the chooks and dogs could be used for them made up into another dish for another day. I see this as waste and they see it as nothing goes to waste. So people concept of waste/recycling can be very different. So like many people we just do what we think is right for our environment and say when we can to other people what they could be doing.

  2. Anonymous says

    Hello, Ben! My hubby and I are 50 -somethings living on 1.5 acres not far from Nashville, Tennessee, USA. We care a lot about these things. Here’s what we’re doing so far; gardening both food and flowers (mostly because we love them but also for the pollinators), rain catchment, eating locally and seasonally, preserving as much as we can. We are transitioning to a vegetarian lifestyle and perhaps even a totally plant-based diet. We drive a small 12 year old diesel vehicle and try to limit our driving. We have high efficiency washing machine and use our solar/wind dryer (clothesline) as much as we can.We still have more to do, but yes, we care! Thanks to you and your Dad for all the encouragement!


  3. says

    Hi Ben, my whole family has changed the way we live I have made manger changes in my life and the family has come along for the ride we do everything green my chickens bring eggs and laughter my children eat our tomato, strawberry s before they get into the house ore fruit trees will be producing soon lets see if any of that gets inside before they are eaten by my kids ha ha going green is happening all over this fantastic country of ours we just need people power to be heard by the politicians we care

    Linda :-)

  4. Anonymous says

    Hi Ben, My 15yr old son and I both care. Sometimes we feel alone in our beliefs and the challenges we have set ourselves to live a more sustainable and meaningful life, but then along come moments like these where we get the opportunity to be part of a larger community of like minded people. Thank you Ben …we care…

  5. Anonymous says

    Hi Ben
    We care too and so do my neighbours on each side I believe that the few people that are doing the “RIGHT” thing will be enough And all will be well
    Love Nana and Geoff

  6. says

    Hi everyone,

    Thankyou so much for all of your “I care” comments.

    I knew it was the case, but just had to show Ben that there were many of you out there that are making a difference by growing your own, lowering your emissions, etc just like we attempt to do.

    It was a valuable lesson for him, which made him think a little harder, and it was great that you found the time to help push this message home for him.

    Not all lessons are taught in the classroom, don’t you think?

    Gav x

  7. TechChik says

    I, my husband, my parents, my sisters and their husbands care. My sisters are elementary school teachers, and they’re teaching their students to care. My sisters each have a daughter less than 2 years old and sometimes I cry when thinking about the world they’ll grow up in, and how helpless I feel sometimes.

    But I *will* teach my nieces how to grow their own food, and I consciously break municipal bylaws by keeping chickens and rabbits. I work with groups to help change those laws and I actively encourage my neighbours, friends and co-workers to start a garden.

    Sometimes it feels like a drop in an ocean. Sometimes it feels like there’s no hope. And then one of my back neighbours started a small vegetable plot, because she saw me do it and thought “it’s such a neat idea”. And for my nieces, I won’t give up.

  8. says

    dear ben & gavin
    I care. I was in denial until my grandchildren were born 3 years & 1 year ago and then this catapulted me into doing something. I am trying hard to take care of the earth now and live a greener life. I believe that people are starting to wise up and change because they realise what a mess us ‘adults’ have made of the world. I am VERY optimistic that things will get better

  9. Anonymous says

    Hi Ben, I care and like Linda I am extremely hopeful too. With young people like you having such an awareness at such a young age, I know that the world will be in a better place in years to come. We just can never lose sight of what needs to be done and as individuals do our bit and encourage others to do the same….Glenda

  10. says

    Hi Ben, I not only care, I am actually extremely hopeful. I think too many people in our society are scared of maths and science and so they don’t understand the probabilities and percentages and physics of the climate change warnings, and that’s a pity. But people want the right things, they’re co-operative and inventive, and they’re good at responding to an emergency, and that will save the day.

  11. Ben Webber says

    Hi everyone, Ben here.

    It is very nice of all of you to care about climate change as much as I do :-)

    It makes me feel like we can get through this together.

  12. says

    Dear Ben, I’ve been reading your marvelous Dad’s blog for a few years now & never commented, this post has moved me to say something. I and my 13 yo son & 16yo daughter feel the same way as you do. Sometimes I think you are right, that half the world doesn’t care, but I think it’s more like most of them do, but just don’t care *enough*. Many many others have their heads buried firmly in the sand. A loud minority make increasingly ridiculous & hilarious statements to try to convince themselves and others that it’s not a problem. But believe me, we humans, generally speaking, are quite clever, and quite keen on surviving, and we will find a way to beat this problem. My advice to you is to find those people and stick with them, ignore the idiots (they will self destruct), and work on those with their heads in the sand like your Dad does. Love to both of you from Claire x.

  13. says

    Hi Ben,

    My son James is the same age as you and trust me he cares!!! We talk about the climate etc a lot, he is really getting into veg gardening and we discuss lots of matters and what kinds of solutions we could come up with. He built me a bicycle powered washing machine with only a little help from his Dad and it works fabulously.

    Please believe me when I say you aren’t alone. There are so many of us out there that care. We may not be loud but we are the silent majority and one day the world will sit up and take notice.

    Kind Regards

    Catherine from Swan Hill Victoria.

  14. Heather says

    Our family cares and I see many others around me who also care. I believe that the people quietly working towards solutions, like your family, will come to outnumber the vocal deniers.

  15. says

    Ben, I care!

    I was homeschooled and around your age was very concerned for the world. That continued throughout my teenage years and whilst I lost some focus in my twenties, it came back again ten fold.

    No doubt I have done my fair share of trashing this beautiful place we call home, through buying things which weren’t really necessary for a good life, throwing away items which could have been used again, at least by another person, jumping in my car at times when I could have taken a bus, etc. However, I’m very aware of everything I do and that every action has a consequence of some nature. I’m in my late 50’s now and am raising my children and grandchildren to be mindful, caring people to the best of my abilities. I continue to learn.

    You continue to care. Live a life of integrity and one which enables YOU to sleep at night, and be an example to others.

    PS I have a Ben too, and he’s also an amazing young person.

  16. Mary H says

    Ben – I care, and like your parents I have raised a child who cares also. We are ripples on a pond, carrying our changes ever outward.

  17. says

    Count me in, Ben. I care.
    I totally get where you are coming from. It can feel daunting but I think it is really important to surround yourself with people that feel similarly about these topics.
    In the words of Gandhi “Be the change you wish to see in the world”. This little saying always makes me feel hopeful.

    • says

      That’s one of my favourite quotes too, and I try really hard to live it. Sure, it’s hard sometimes, but it is worth it.

      @Ben, count me in as caring too.

  18. says

    I care. Michael Pollan says it well “The wonderful thing about food is that you get three votes a day. Every one of them has the potential to change the world.”

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