So Long, And Thanks For All The Fish

“So sad that it should come to this”, sung the dolphins as they left the Earth
 – Douglas Adams

Yes it is a milestone today.  It is the day of the last post at the Simple Green Frugal Co-op.  My first post at the Co-op was on December 21st 2008, and I posted every single fortnight until today.  That is a lot of thought provoking posts, and writing some of the deeper ones helped me get my own journey in perspective.

My favourite logo for the SGFC

It was great while it lasted, but as Rhonda Hetzel, the founder of the site said;

“I started this blog way back in 2008 when accurate information about sustainable living, written by people who were actually doing it, was not commonly available. I’m happy to say we were one of the leaders in this type of blogging and now there are many fine blogs written by permaculturalists, biodynamic farmers and people living sustainably in their own homes. There is more information now and many more people living this way.”

There are so many great resources now, many great blogs and mainstream magazines in print.  Simple living and variations on the theme seems to be in conversation everywhere.

So adieu old friend.  A big thanks to Sharon and Rhonda for organising everything behind the scenes, and to all the wonderful writers who contributed along side of me.  Every single post was inspiring, and special.

Will you miss the SGFC?


  1. Anonymous says

    I will miss it but Rhonda is right that there is a wealth of blogs online about this topic now. I guess it’s testament to the work you’ve all put in!

  2. says

    Is the whole blog being taken down? I totally love SGFC and hope it does not shut down as it such a good resource. If it’s not I have subscribed to your blog so I don’t miss anything. :( :( :(

  3. says

    I found the Co-op through Throwback at Trapper Creek a couple of years ago, and from the Co-op, I found Greening of Gavin! I’ve visited sporadically ever since, and it has indeed been a great placet to find information on a wide range of subjects from different perspectives. I’m glad it’s staying up as a resource.

  4. says

    When Rhonda had a day off or I needed more to read would turn to SGFC and then to a blog or two. This means I haven’t bookmarked any so now I am madly doing so, I don’t want to lose anyone. Yours is the first. I enjoy your way of thinking and of course the cheesmaking , as it is also my hobby.

    Chris from Coffs Harbour

  5. says

    To be honest, I don’t really get it. Why is the blog shutting down?

    It’s such a great resource, and an excellent blend of lots of different writers, with a lot of traffic and respect within the community. It’s a shame to see it stop.

    • says

      Hi Darren, I don’t really either, and I was one of the writers. I was quite happy to keep posting, but the majority probably didn’t. Not sure.


  6. says

    I am very sorry to see the blog shut down. I’ve read it for the past three years and learned so much. Gavin, I hope you are continuing your own blogs, because yours were my favorite posts! I continue to learn from your experiences!

  7. Anonymous says

    I’m so sorry SGF blog is closing. I avidly checked it every day and followed up the individual bloggers too. They are all bookmarked but have to be checked separately.
    Although for the last 40 years we have been doing similar things to Rhonda and your good selves I still enjoyed reading it.
    I’m also really sad because the same day three other blogs which I follow and enjoy(different topics) were also being discontinued
    Back to the bread making now and then check the veg plot.
    Helen in France

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