Personal Time Management


So many people ask me where I get the time to do all the things that I do.  I have been giving it a lot of thought of late, because everyone who asks me also adds that they are so time starved, that they could not possibly achieve half of what I have on my average suburban house block.Now I am not going to regurgitate reams of tips from time management books, because in my opinion I have   [Continue Reading …]

An eBook Or Two


Yes dear readers, just when you thought I didn't have time to do anything else around here, I decided to write and publish a few eBooks!  People keep telling me that I have a flare with the written word and a distinctive writing style, so I figured that the natural progression was an eBook.I am in the process of putting together the first one which should take me a few weeks, based   [Continue Reading …]

My First Grape Vine


On the weekend, Kim and I got stuck into a little landscaping in the pool area behind the house.This is where we left off.  The deck is looking great, but the area around the rainwater tank that I wrote about here, is looking pretty crappy.So, we pulled out all the weeds (fed them to the chooks), and then got rid of the excess concrete that the builder so kindly left behind.  Then I dug   [Continue Reading …]

Meanwhile, In Germany…


An amazing thing happened in Adam's country of residence on Friday and Saturday just past.  The country produced a world record 22 gigawatts of electricity per hour through the midday hours.  By comparison, in Australia, that is the equivalent of the peak output of 13.75 Hazelwood Power Stations!  Adam states that, "German efficiency wins again!"Norber Allnoch, director of   [Continue Reading …]

Greening The Office


Photo: Loungepark/Getty ImagesI write a lot about greening my own home, but what about the workplace?  I do have a few tips that will save money in energy and help to green up the office by reducing the environmental footprint.• Reduce paper. When printing, use both sides of a piece of paper in order to conserve. Keep a scrap paper pile for misprinted or unnecessary documents to either print   [Continue Reading …]

What If…..


A funny thing happened to me at lunchtime today and the experience was surreal.  Let me tell you about it.It was cold, wet and blustery outside so I decided to forgo my regular lunch time walk and stayed indoors.  I was sitting on a couch in the lunch area at work, enjoying the rain falling across the city through the window perched 31 floors above street level.   [Continue Reading …]

Another Great Year!


Guess what day it is?I had a fantastic day with family, and Kim cooked up a great Shepherds Pie that no one could tell it was vegetarian, with home made garlic bread.  Kim made the bread and I supplied the garlic from last years crop.  The cake was to die for.  Kim made a double Victoria chocolate sponge cake with shaved white chocolate.My daughter Megan took this picture   [Continue Reading …]

Producer vs Consumer


As I quickly approach my 48th birthday, one label that I intensely dislike is that of a 'consumer'.  Just about every news story refers to people as consumers, which on reflection, is quite apt in the consumer culture that we are currently burdened with.  I must admit that back before 2006, I was indeed a consumer with emphasis on consume! That label may be fitting for some and my   [Continue Reading …]

Visions Of A Sustainable City

Last night I had the pleasure of attending a function held by the Alternative Technology Association.  The ATA is Australia’s leading not-for-profit organisation that promotes sustainable technology and behaviours to ordinary householders. The ATA provides services to members who are actively walking the talk in their own homes by using good building design, conserving water and using   [Continue Reading …]

Energy Independence 4 – More Amps!


As I am beginning to run more and more appliances off of my battery bank (including my hair clippers), I have found that I needed more capacity.Over the last month we saved up another $200 to buy a second 105Ah AGM deep cycle battery.  I picked it up this morning, then popped in to visit my friendly local auto electrician to see if he could make me up some battery interconnection   [Continue Reading …]

Almost Vegetarian Update


Kim and I have really taken to this change of eating pattern.  We are really enjoying it, and I feel full all the time.In fact word is getting around.  Our local paper were looking for some vegetarians and contacted me (as the President of the sustainable living group), and wondered if I knew anybody that would talk to them.  I mentioned that I was 'almost' vegetarian with a goal of   [Continue Reading …]

Crouching Jasmine, Hidden Pumpkin


I mentioned a few weeks ago that I had harvested all of my pumpkins.   Well it seems that one was hiding from me and went rouge.Kim was outside today talking to the chickens (or something like that), and happened to notice a big orange thing in our jasmine vine.You can see it in the middle of the vine.  It is an Australian Butter Pumpkin that I must have missed.  I do   [Continue Reading …]

Bridge Of Power


My son Adam, who lives in Cologne, Nordrhein-Westfalen Germany,  took a bike ride with his girlfriend Sina to Bonn, the old West German capital.Don't they make a lovely couple.  Anyway, on with the story.Now, some of you may know that Germany is a renewable energy leader, which many countries could learn from, and it is not surprising that Adam and Sina found this   [Continue Reading …]

One Finger Cannot Lift A Pebble


Thanks to a reader (Shirley), I happened to read a wonderful article written by Ernest Callenback, better know as author of Ecotopia.  He died at 83 on April 16th, 2012 - leaving behind a final unpublished document on his computer. For those who have a spare 20 minutes today, have a read of his final document, "Epistle to the Ecotopians: Last Words to an America in Decline".I have never   [Continue Reading …]

Mozzarella Video Tutorial

Curd Nerds rejoice!  I have made another cheese video tutorial.It has been a while since I put a cheese-making video together, so as I was making mozzarella on last  night for pizzas in the Cob oven tonight, I thought I should document it.  It took just over 45 minutes to make due to filming every step, but it worked out well.If you would like the full recipe, then visit my cheese   [Continue Reading …]