Environmentality Radio Interview

As I mentioned yesterday, I was interviewed on by Jaime and Bridget form the radio show, Environmentality on 98.9 North West FM her in Melbourne.  Here is the podcast in an embedded player for all of those who would like to listen to the interview.

If you would like to download the mp3, click on the button below.

I hope you listen to the entire radio show.  I have now subscribed to the podcast as I think it is really easy to listen to and full of great information and tips.  Click on the button below to subscribe in iTunes.

P.S. Who can tell me the significance of the red pill in regards to what I am talking about in the interview?


  1. Anonymous says

    Hello. The red pill? as opposed to the blue pill? If memory serves, is it from The Matrix? One for ignorant bliss, one to see the truth, even though it could be painful.

    brenda from ar

    • says

      Hi Brenda, you are right on the money. I have often referred that my green epiphany was like taking the red pill in the Matrix. My eyes are open and I can see clearly, even though sometimes it is painful.

      Gav x

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