The Meatrix

For those keen readers who listened to the podcast in the previous post, you would have heard Daniel mention something about a cartoon titled “The Meatrix” which is a parody of the movie series “The Matrix”.  You would have also heard us talking about our awakening when we took the red pill.  I wrote about the red pill many moons ago now, but here is a little extract from it:

“Does this dream mean anything? I don’t know, but I do know that I always strive to be all that I can be when I take up the gauntlet for a cause. If helping to save the future of our planet isn’t the ultimate cause, then I don’t know what is! Maybe it means that I have a sub-conscious deep need or desire to be recognised for my efforts (very deep). Whilst in reality, all around me, I see pollution, uncontrolled consumerism, resource depletion and people living in a “Matrix” like world, unaware that if we all fail to act soon, they will be in for a hell of an awakening.

Maybe the dream meant that I have followed the white rabbit, and met my Morpheus, who has offered me the choice of the two pills, and I chose the red pill. I now know what the Matrix is. I see our current civilisation for what it really is, which is a distraction whereby most westerners are infected with Affluenza and the masses are very, very confused about the true reality of things.

Or maybe, I just ate too much pizza last night and felt guilty for straying from the path of healthy eating, and therefore it was a sub-conscious manifestation of ego and guilt. Whatever it meant, I will continue to strive towards a sustainable lifestyle and promise to eat healthy homemade pizza from now on. [which we have by the way]”

Anyway, I have come a long way since then, and still feel a little bit like Neo when I walk down the streets of Melbourne during my lunch hour.  All I need are the superpowers and the long leather coat!
So where was I going with this?  Oh yes, the Meatrix.  Basically the videos say it all about where our meat comes from.  It is a little scary, so any kids out there reading may want to get their mum or dad’s permission before going any further.

Part I

Part II

Part II 1/2

If you want more information about the state of Concentrated Animal Feeding Operation (CAFO) in the US and other parts of the world, you would do no better than getting yourself a copy of Food Inc.  Your eyes will be wide open by the end of it.  I guarantee it!

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    On behalf of all the non Trolls out there i’d like to say thanks for writing such an inspirational and interesting blog. You’ve inspired a woman on the other side of the planet to try cheesemaking and your reports on your renewable energy installations are clear and really useful, a great way to show people at an glance how easy it is. So thanks Gavin and please never apologise for being passionate and angry about what you believe in – you’re an inspiration and please be proud of everything you’re acheiving.

  2. says

    I love reading your blog, it inspires me makes me think makes me want to write and share, you keep it up youre bloody marvelous!! and you need not apologise for what you write, if anon is has such young children who cant take a few fuck offs then they need to be censoring what there children do on the internet thats not your job. fine with me if you dont print this gav if you feel its a bit of a shit stir! keep it to yourself, just know even us kiwis over the ditch are proud of what you are doing to save “our” world. good on yah mate

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    I am lucky and have the room to grow my own meat. I have beef, lamb and pork in the freezer all home grown and processed here. So I know exactly what happens and I can live with the way the animal is raised, and butchered.

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    Thanks for posting this Gavin. I haven’t seen the meatrix before and will share it around. I am with you on feeling like Neo sometimes walking down the streets. Take up the gauntlet and run!!

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    Good recommendation Gav – “Food, Inc.” was for me what “An Inconvenient Truth” was for you. Immediately and dramatically changed my behaviour. Eye opening stuff indeed!


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    Gavin, I’ve just been catching up on some of your posts. I’m really sorry to hear that there has been troll action directed at you. There was much shaking of my head this end.
    I love what you do, and love your blog. Don’t change a bit.
    I STILL haven’t seen Food Inc, how this can be so, I’m not sure.

  7. says

    Sorry you’re having to deal with trolls, Gav. They really are a waste of space. But… It also means your message is getting out there. So good on you!

    Regarding our industrial food production systems: they’re killing us, not nourishing us!

    Plus, those systems only work when they can rely on cheap inputs; cheap energy, cheap drugs/antibiotics, cheap feed, cheap transport. Increasing competition for oil is going to take the ‘cheap’ out of the equation pretty soon.

    The sooner we become self-reliant for food the better. Grow your own, eat local and eat ethically as much as you can. Every dollar we spend on industrial food tells them what they’re doing is OK.

    Mad cow disease, massive e-coli outbreaks, antibiotic resistant MRSA… all thanks to the industrial food complex.

    Not on my menu!

    Keep up the awesome effort Gav.

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