Cob Oven Base Part 2


Yippee, I finished the base!  Oh, do my back muscles ache.  Kim had to apply deep heat all over it so I can move.  Nice way to finish off the weekend.Anyway, enough complaining, here is what I managed to achieve; At 9am, I started on the 3rd row of bricks.  It was a struggle to get back into it, but once started the muscles started to limber up.The 4th row was started at   [Continue Reading …]

Cob Oven Base Part 1


A little while ago I hinted that I was embarking on a project that would go a long way to achieving one of my goals for this year.  As the title suggests, today I started to make the Cob Oven.  I have located it under my back veranda, on top of the existing concrete slab.  My good friend David gave me a hand mixing the mortar, and Kim offered her womanly advice at the start, but   [Continue Reading …]

Education for The Peak

During the research for solutions to the Peak, I was over at the Transition Culture website yesterday and spyed this gem of a video which shows a guy called Tom Harper teaching some young students in the United Kingdom.  This is a great piece of education about what oil does for us in our culture and society.The Oil Game from Tom Harper on Vimeo.If my research is correct, and the last two   [Continue Reading …]

Myths For The Peak

As a follow on from yesterday's post about 'The Peak', I thought I would try and bust some myths about current technological solutions.  Tomorrow I will cover what we may, and indeed some folk are already doing about preparing for the coming energy decent.So on to the mythbusting (I feel like Adam and Jamie)Myth 1: We will never run out of oil, we will just have to pay more for it.Well, yes   [Continue Reading …]

The Peak

Oil that is.  Yesterday I wrote about fuel density and greenhouse gas emissions.  One big thing that I failed to mention is that one should not get too reliant on the stuff anyway as we are past the peak of conventional crude oil extraction.  There is a consensus that peak oil has already been reached, at some point between 2004 and 2008.Don't believe me?  Well why are we   [Continue Reading …]

Study the DoCM


Yes friends, I have been head down, bum up and studying for an assignment that had a deadline of Friday midnight.  I made the deadline with a few hours to spare and it took much longer than anticipated.  The course is a Diploma of Carbon Management (DoCM), which I may have mentioned before.  It runs from February to November.  You can read more about the course at this link to   [Continue Reading …]

Cluckingham Palace


I have been hard at work this weekend around the yard, building more green projects. I really enjoy DIY building work, especially if it helps put food on the table and keeps our little feathered girls happy!  So over the last 4 weekends, Kim, Ben and I have been building what we are calling "Cluckingham Palace" for the big chooks.  If you remember a while ago, one of the little   [Continue Reading …]

The Meatrix


For those keen readers who listened to the podcast in the previous post, you would have heard Daniel mention something about a cartoon titled "The Meatrix" which is a parody of the movie series "The Matrix".  You would have also heard us talking about our awakening when we took the red pill.  I wrote about the red pill many moons ago now, but here is a little extract from it:"Does this   [Continue Reading …]

TGoG Podcast 021 – Interview with Daniel Hatfield

The Greening of Gavin Podcast

This is the seventh podcast in the "Meet the green blogger" series.  Introducing Daniel from We talked about his recent downshift to the good life, and his current business venture among other green things.  I especially love his comment about the Matrix at the end! Here are a few more photos about the things we talked about. Thanks   [Continue Reading …]

Sick To Death Of Trolls


Since my last post, I have received several, quite nasty and personal attacks on my character, my earning capability, and my environmental values.  Not happy at all.Well guess what?  I have had enough.  If certain people can't say something nice and look at what is going on in the world objectively, then 'bugger off' is all I can say to them.  Sorry, faithful readers, this is   [Continue Reading …]

Different to Business As Usual

Finally, some action on climate change that may actually make a difference!  Certainly a difference to business as usual of inaction and shallow promises that we have experienced over the last 10 or so years.If you believe some of the crap in the press today, which I don't, the Carbon Tax package is a big gamble for our government.  With the numbers necessary to pass this legislation in   [Continue Reading …]

Starting a Community Group

I received an email from Ros, a regular reader, asking the following question:Hi Gavin How are you? I have been reading your blog for a little while now and think it is great. I was hoping you could give me some advise. I am interested in forming some sort of sustainable living/gardening group at Wangi Wangi where I live. I have been looking at the Melton Sustainable Living Group. I   [Continue Reading …]

Blog Name Winner!


...Darren of  He came up the the name Green Cheese, which I pitched to family and friends.  They thought it was a great title, and far better than the rude one that I came up with (think about it).  However it was already taken as a blog name and a url in blogger.  So I slightly modified it and came up with something I am quite happy with.So here is the banner   [Continue Reading …]

The Cheese of Gavin


The time has come to move all of my cheesiness to a separate blog.  I feel that the original intent of this blog is beginning to get compromised by my favourite hobby, so I decided to get real and start one of the great cheese blogs of the world!  Well, I am hoping that it will become one of the great cheese blogs of the world (which I hope does not sound too big headed).It is called, of   [Continue Reading …]