Our Earth Day

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Every day is Earth Day as far as I am concerned, but a lot of people just don’t think that way.

Before my greening, I had never heard of Earth Day, probably because it originated out of the USA in 1970.  I have now of course due to the Internet, but if it wasn’t for internet media, you would never know that it existed where I live.  Here in Australia, there are very little in the way of Earth Day celebrations.

So I am going to celebrate it in my own special way.  I am going to put my hands into the soil today and just hold them there for a while and think about all the ways that I am connected to the Mother Earth/Gaia/Terra/Globe or whatever you want to call it.  It should be a powerful experience.

Then I shall plant some seedlings in the very same soil and watch them grow, and give thanks to the wonderful bounty that this great place provides us, but only if we live in harmony with it. 

Enjoy your Earth Day!


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    @ Bec,

    It was fun. The soil was still quite warm, which I didn’t expect.

    @ Brendie,

    The event seems to be very US centric. Maybe that is why we haven’t heard about it until recently.

    @ Clare

    Too right. The other 364 days get just the same respect from me.

    @ Kathy P.

    I agree. Green is best when it is free. There is just too much green-washing going on, but what can you do in a consumer driven economy? I personally go against the flow as often as I can!

    Gav x

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    Here in the US, Earth Day has pretty much gone commercial which is a good thing/bad thing. Good thing in that if advertisers are exploiting it that means there’s a growing market for “green”. Bad thing because that mostly means green-washing. Our local recycling facility decided to jump on the bandwagon and offer rainbarrels ($55) and compost bins ($45) in a “truckload” sale in honor of Earth Day. While I’m glad to see that the local gov’t now has some vague awareness that this stuff might be important, their solution is just the sort of thing that convinces people that “going green” costs a fortune. Meanwhile, I brought home six free wood pallets too build new compost bins and will be calling about cheap, refurbished food-safe 55 gallon drums that can be daisy chained together as rain-barrels. Green is cheap if you don’t let yourself be green-washed, but try telling that to the local politicians.

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    I too only recently discovered Earth Day and treat every day as Earth Day myself. Today I connected with the earth by expanding our no dig vegie patch and planting lots of seeds. Here’s to the other 364 Earth days of the year!!

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    well over the ditch gav im even more ignorant, until i read this post i had never heard of earth day.
    I like the poster, “we have met the enemy and he is us” that pretty much says it all doesnt it. no other creature on earth has such an overiding influence on its enviroment.

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