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I received this email today, and thought that it was a good one to share with you all, particularly the question;

Hi Kevin,
I Stumbled upon your blog last night when i decided it was time to do some research on making my own soap. Love your blog & all your links!
I just cannot bring myself to buy it (for obvious reasons) and my hubby has had enough of my soap stand-off!! I purchased some supplies online from aussiesoapsupply, & am very excited to get started. I loved watching your u-tube tutorial & was wondering if you may share the recipe that you are using?

With thanks

Thanks for the question Sonia, although my name is Gavin.  I will endeavour to share my soap recipe in this post that I developed myself. :-)

Gavin & Kim’s Bubble and Cream Soap Recipe
makes about 1.2kg

300gm Olive Oil
300gm Rice Bran Oil
300gm Coconut Oil
100gm Sunflower Oil
140gm Sodium Hydroxide (lye/caustic soda)
380gm water
15-25gm Fragrance Oil (the choice is yours)
Soap colouring to your personal preference.

To put it all together, follow the video tutorial at this post titled “Soap Making“, or the text tutorial at “Lather Up Folks!

I find this soap recipe the right balance of bubbles, creaminess and moisturiser.  Make sure that you cure the soap for at least 4 weeks before using it.

Enjoy and happy soap making!

Addendum: Great news for those of you in Australia.  Kim and I have opened an online shop, and we now stock Soap Making Kits, equipment, and supplies at www.littlegreenworkshops.com.au/shop .  Our kits include a comprehensive instruction booklet that will help you create that perfect bar of soap!


  1. Joleen says

    I made your recipe and it has been curing for two weeks and it’s still very soft. Very disappointing…. It should probably be mentioned in this post that it won’t be a hard bar. Especially for newer spap makers.

    • Gavin Webber says

      Hi Joleen. It will harden up as it continues to cure. This soap is designed for everyday use, especially for moisturising. If you would like a really hard bar, for use in the laundry then just search for a recipe using olive and coconut oil only.

      Please don’t be so judgemental before the entire curing process is complete at 4 to 6 weeks. All soap will be soft at two weeks.

      Gav 😉

  2. theresa says

    Hi Gavin,
    I made your Bubbles and Cream soap exactly 4 weeks ago, have just tried it, and it is the best recipe, only the second recipe I have tried !!!! but I will only be making this one again, you are right it is creamy, moisturising, and bubbly……
    Thank you for all the ispiration you give us, your readers, and for sharing your knowledge, garden tips and all the yummy recipes you and Kim pass on.
    Hope you are having a great day.
    Theresa x

    • Gavin Webber says

      Thanks for the feedback Theresa. Glad you liked it. Out of all the soap recipes we have tried, we soon settled on this one because it is a great all-rounder. We love it and teach this method in all our soap making classes.

      And thanks for the very kind words! x

  3. says

    Hello Gavin, Wendy at quarteracrelifestyle posted your site link.. I can see I will be browsing here often… Loved the soap recipe and hope to be trying it out very soon.. :-) Many thanks.. Sue

  4. says

    Hi Gavin. Jessie pointed me in your direction in regards to soap making – thanks for this recipe! I made it today, my third batch of soap, and this is a good economical recipe that came to trace far easier than the first two I tried and seems a lovely texture. Many thanks :)

    • Gavin Webber says

      No problems at all. We use it as a base for all of our soaps. So easy and fairly cheap to make.

  5. says

    How do you know how much powder to add to a calculated soap recipe? I’ve used a soap calculator online to decide how much oils to use in my soap, but this week I’m going to make a batch with a few different types of powders and clays in them. Is there a calculator or even a basic solution to find out how much clays to put in to the mix?

  6. says

    Thanks for sharing Gavin! I have had a go at soap making and am now going to put the time into experimenting with some different ‘flavours’. This recipe looks like a perfect one to try.

    I have accidentally developed a ‘synthetic’ radar and note that things I once used without question suddenly smell toxic and fake. Especially liquid soap and moisturisers.

    BTW – do you know that ‘Gavin’ has become a go to resource in our house ? It is quite funny. Last night I said to Hubbie ‘ have you seen what Gavin is doing with his garden beds ?’ as if you lived over the back fence!!!!


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