Do Not Drop It

I was doing a bit of surfing and came across this site called “Planet Pals”, which has something to do with Earth Day.  Anyway, I stumbled across the ‘kids count for Earth Day‘ page where a whole bunch of kids from all over the world wrote haiku about Earth day.   A great competition and one that got their creative juices flowing.

There were lots of great entries, but one poem just stuck leapt out at the page at me and a tear formed in my eye.  I thought to myself, “This kid gets it, she really gets what it is all about”.  So, here is her poem.

If you could hold Earth,
Like a bird’s delicate egg,
You would not drop it

Bella Griscom
Stonington, Connecticut, USA

I will let you reflect on these words.  They are strong. 

Do not drop it.


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  1. says

    Luckily for us, there are alot of clever and caring young people, that are growing up with more awareness of the need not to ‘drop it’ than I ever was at that age! My kids are already little eco-rangers, esp. my 5 year old!

  2. says

    Beautiful. Thanks so much for sharing.

    I have a lot more hope in the next generation than in ours. I had to explain to my son the other day that it is okay to chop up the fallen gum tree on our property because the wind had blown it down.

    He told me we were supposed to “protect trees from axes that hack”. I explained that when trees blow over, it is our responsibility to use them wisely. He got that :-)

    So yep, even five year olds know better than most of our political leaders!

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