Planning at the Co-op

Today’s post is over at the Simple, Green, Frugal Co-op and is titled “Planning For Spring“, where I have written about all the gardening activities I performed over the weekend.

I hope you pop on over and discover what I am planning to grow this season.



  1. sawn61 says

    Gavin, I have tried 3 different comments to you on the other blog,the one about making your own seed starter,and have gotten a returned email,not accepted. Here was my comment on the composting post.
    I have a compost tumbler. That would be a great way to germinate and kill all the weed seeds
    before hand. I don’t use mine much, but just might after reading your post on making your own mix. Normally,I’d rather use my chickens for turning my compost, since I use so much. Then I seive it into my wheel barrow and cart it to where ever it’s needed. I looovvvve making compost.

  2. Bianca says

    Unrelated to this, but were part of the audience at the Q&A studio last night? There was this guy in the audience that looked just like you. Regards, Bianca from Perth

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