Gulf Oil Spill

Last night, Kim and I were watching some news footage of all of the animals caught up in the Gulf of Mexico Deepwater disaster.  It was deeply saddening to watch, and we both had a tear at the end of it.  Our greed has let to this.  Our lust for cheap energy has led to this.  We have done this to ourselves.

I know it has taken a while to comment on one of the biggest environmental disasters that has occurred due to an oil spill, but I have just been waiting for the right words to come to me.  So here they are, inspired by James Lovelock’s most fitting work, The Revenge of Gaia.

I think that maybe Gaia has had enough of us and just burst out of her skin, in effect, and let cry a massive scream of ;

“You want oil, you bastards? HERE, I’ll give you all the oil you want and MORE!  Come get some!”


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    Hi Gavin, only recently found your blog, thanks for the great content. I agree that we are all to blame for the current disaster unfolding in the Gulf of Mexico. But of course it’s not the biggest or the “worstest”, it seems it’s just because it is affecting the US and Europe that everyone is so vocal about it. What about Nigeria where more oil is spilled EVERY YEAR….. how come this is not front page news…..
    When are we going to wake up to ourselves?! One planet, one people.

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    Hi Gavin,

    I’ve wanted to do a post on this as well and like you I haven’t been able to find the right words. I would like to think that this will bring about some change but I think our addiction to oil is too great, right along with our greed.

    This isn’t just an oil spill, it’s Gaia bleeding and we inflicted the wound.

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    Finally a post that doesn’t blame BP or the US Government, but all of us for our greed. Its a tragedy but maybe the tragedy we need to move into alternative and renewable resources. Last summer when gas was at an all time high (here in the States) bike sales were through the roof and when gas went back down, you still saw tons of bikes on the road.

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    I can hear her scream… she is screaming “you disgusting, greedy, spoilt brats, who DO YOU think you are, doing this to me??” It makes me sad, gobsmacked, disappointed, disillusioned and horrified… it won’t be the last.

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