Veggie Patches Are Back In Style

Backyard RevolutionWell I always knew that green was the new black, but I didn’t expect a mainstream current affairs show like 60 minutes to pick up on the fact that the home grown revolution is making a lot of headway in the ‘burbs.

On Sunday, I watch an interesting story presented by Liz Hayes about backyard food production.  I thought that it was great.  You can catch it here at the Backyard Revolution

It was a well presented story, and I urge you to watch the video at the link if you missed it.  It featured none other than our familiar old mate Peter Cundall of Gardening Australia fame.  Everything that this bloke says is true.  You can dig up your lawn and feed your family for most of the year.  I am testament to that!  What they didn’t mention was the other benefits of growing your own food, like reducing food miles, loosing weight, cutting consumption, rejuvenating the soil, the joy of harvesting your own produce, the magic of nature, sustainable organic gardening to name a few. 

Maybe we should let the facts of this story settle into the general populations collective mind before approaching a story on Peak Oil, food riots, Catastrophic Climate change.  When these stories reach 60 minutes, then I will know that my beliefs have finally reached mainstream thinking.

So, "That’s Your Bloomin’ Lot", as Peter would say!


  1. says

    Hey Gav,
    It’s certainly a good start…I think we’ll start seeing more and more in the mainstream media.
    Did you discover what happened to the article about the Melton Sustainable Living Group?

  2. says

    I know I keep saying this Gav, but you are so inspiring! I dream of having a garden that I can have a veggie patch. I will be so proud of my first post in regards to my veggie patch once we get a bigger yard. (alas……..inner city living).

  3. john (dad) says

    i also watched 60 minutes and was impressed with the reminds me of my younger days when you kids were growing up .we had vegy gardens wherever we lived

  4. says

    Fantastic! Thanks for posting that link! I had also missed it on Sunday.

    I see widespread residential solar and wind power, solar hot water, vegie gardens, backyard (or frontyard!) orchards, small chicken coops, community gardens, etc as the buffers we’re going to need for the change coming in the years ahead. Even if the change isn’t as catastrophic as some are predicting, having all these things in place will smooth the transition.

    Plus they’re already helping to reduce our impact on the environment. The effect may be small right now, but it’s snowballing and gaining momentum.

  5. says

    Hi Gav,
    Thanks for posting the sixty minutes story. It was mentioned to me at work yesterday and I was disappointed that I missed it.
    Don’t you just miss Peter.
    He’s a legend!!

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