A Bit Disappointed

As you know, our Sustainable Living Group had a spot in the local paper this week promoting our existence.  I kind of expected a massively full inbox just from enquiries.  Maybe it was just a pipe dream.

I have had three enquiries from wonderful people wanting to join the group or help out.  Yes, just three.  I am disappointed to say the least.  Don’t get me wrong, I am most grateful for the members that we have, but lets just hope that the “Awareness” meeting draws a few more people in.  In a town with a population of 35,000+ you would think that more people would like to know how to live a sustainable lifestyle, and save a bit of money in the process.

Maybe people just don’t read the local paper anymore!

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    Hey Gav,
    Think about how many people were reading your blog when you first started, think about how many comments you get now from your posts. We think you’ve come a long way and influenced a lot of people – including us. It all takes time…you’ve come so far – it will happen.
    Jane and Sim

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    I agree. I won’t lie: I’d be disappointed to. But I think you should give it some time. I’d bet a lot of people saw the article, said to themselves, “that sounds great; I should get in touch,” and then promptly were sidetracked by their busy lives. Carry on with your group, and in six months or so, contact the journalist who ran the story and see if they want to do a follow up piece on what you’ve accomplished in the meantime. I think you’d see a bigger response the second time people hear about it. It’ll jog their memory and they’ll be more likely to act.

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    You’re the carbon accounting king if these three people take on board half of your suggestions how much carbon reduction is that??????????

    Then if those three people tell three epople – who don’t join the group but do something anyway and then they tell three people each – then how much is that???

    Keep your chin up Gavin tomato seeds don’t look like much to start with either.


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    Don’t be disheartened, Gav. At this stage your group is still in start-up phase and doesn’t have any runs on the board, so you’ll only get the hard-core people who are willing to put in the work.

    Some people would have interpreted it as a meeting group to just sit around and talk about sustainability, rather than an action-oriented group. Others might have been interested but don’t have the time to attend meetings or help organise events. Others have probably seen similar groups come and go in the past and think this will just be another flash in the pan.

    Once you undertake a few projects and raise your public profile, you’ll get more people showing an interest. Keep blogging about it, keep letting the newspapers and local radio stations know about what you’re doing, and you’ll get more involvement.

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    All very good advice above, I’d still continue on the path you are on, as well as contact the paper again in a few months to follow-up the story, I would also do a leaflet drop or door knock in the area also put a notice up on the community noticeboard and the local church noticeboard, and also talk to the principal of Eco-boy’s school and ask for a space in the weekly newsletter, the more it is in their face the more people will be curious about what the heck this bloke is on about. Grab the communities attention first then follow through with directives and action. You are doing a wonderful thing Gavin, one small setback will give you the thinking time to gain back your strength and your own direction. “If you build it, they will come”. That phrase is so true on soooo many levels!

    Keep your chin up hunny. Loving you sick.


  6. Anonymous says

    Hey, just cos I didn’t join your group doesn’t mean I won’t be following your blog, which was included with the article.

    Leah (Silent Supporter)

  7. Anonymous says

    Hi Gavin do you actually have a fulltime job? If so, how do you manage it along with what you are doing with the “Green” stuff?

    Curious to know!

    Long time lurker, Allison

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    Hi everyone,

    @ Deb, thanks, and I know what you mean. It will grow over time.

    @ Jane & Sim, Yes, I should take a step back sometimes and have a look at the road behind me. It has been a long and eventful journey which is far from over yet. Cheers.

    @ Kate. I think that you are right, I have had some time to think today, and we need to focus on the things that matter before expanding.

    @ Daisymum7. You are 100% right about the cascade effect. It will happen.

    @ Darren. Thanks mate, once we have a few wins under our belt we will get a good name for ourselves in the community. Trust has to be earned.

    @ Sis. Thanks for the media tips, I hadn’t thought of some of those!

    @ Leah. If you change your mind, let me know. But keep reading, it has only just begun to get interesting. Community building is always good fun.

    @ Alison. Yes, I have a full time job, and I manage to keep doing green stuff in my own time. One of the keys is no TV (gasp). In fact you have inspired me to right a post about how I do it. Stay tuned and thanks for the idea!

    Thanks to all how cheered me up no end. I was a bit down when I wrote the post (can you tell), so all of your encouragement has got me back on the straight and narrow.

    Kind regards, Gav

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    I agree with Daisymum – these 3 may each tell 3 others etc.

    Also – one (or all) of these three may turn out to be an invaluable addition to your group. With any community group I would go for quality members rarther than quantity any day.


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