Angry Words I’d Like to Say, but Don’t

In light of my recent few angry posts about government green washing about the Solar PV feed-in tariff, I thought it was time to have a light hearted view at climate change sceptics, and lighten up a bit.

I stumbled across a guy who calls himself the Angry Aussie, and he has put quite a few videos up on YouTube, with over 500 available. I have two favourites that I would like to share with you about Climate Change sceptics. But, beware, he does swear one hell of a lot, so for those kiddies that may be reading, it may be best to skip this post. He says all the things that I want to, but am too dam nice too. His blog is available to read at Angry 365 Days a Year and is a riot to read if you are so inclined.

Firstly there is the video called “A REAL inconvenient truth: Global warming deniers are LIARS!” He makes no beef that the sceptics and deniers are causing the rest of the world to act upon catastrophic climate change very, very slowly, and most are backed by big oil and big coal in the US.

Then there is my all time favourite that I want to show people who are extremely persistent in their views that climate change is not really happening and that the science is not really in. Here is to all you deniers! Enjoy the video titled “Global Warming Deniers: STFU!”

Disclaimer: The views portrayed in these two videos are entirely those of Angry Aussie. If you have an issue with the content, please take it up with him. He loves a good comment on his site, and will reply to each and every one, with a deserving reply. You were warned!


  1. says

    I thoroughly recommend the catharsis of getting extremely angry for its therapeutic value. Making videos like those you showed makes me much happier in ym day-to-day life :)

  2. Julie says

    Haha, ah I hadn’t seen these before, thanks for linking them. Some days you just need to let off a little steam :)

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