Inspiration at last!

Before I start today, I must apologise if my last few posts have been a bit down in the dumps. Being in pain for most of the day doesn’t help, neither does reading about the end of civilisation as we know it. I have promised Kim that from today onward, I will be more positive in my posts, as a depressed blogger is not a happy blogger. I am truly sorry.

I started the day in a little pain and feeling sorry for myself, until I stumbled upon this website called the Path to Freedom, which journals the story of a family from Pasadena, California, who have done pretty much what I have, but maintain their “homestead” as a full time occupation. They maintain a fifth of an acre about 100 metres from a freeway, and grow enough salad greens to sell to local restaurants and catering firms.

It certainly made Kim and I think a little bit more about what we could do around our house. We even went out into the front yard to see if we could convert some of it to food production! We decided that we would concentrate on an area around the clothes line first and tackle the front yard in a few years time.

I have posted a video of their exploits which inspired me for today’s post. Hope you like it!


  1. Anonymous says

    Hi Gavin, this was an inspiring clip however as well as they have done I am concerned at the figures given for their productivity. It seems to me a very high return from a tenth of an acre.
    I’m sure they said they produced 6000 pounds from this space per year which in our figures equals 3000 kilos or 3 metric tonnes.
    Thats a lot of water needed and I saw no pictures of how they may harvest that much water.
    Congratulations though on what you have done and forgive my pessimism.

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