TGoG Podcast 067 – Simple Climate Action You Can Take Right Now

The Greening of Gavin Podcast

Tonight, I attended a webinar hosted by the Australian Conservation Foundation that got me all fired up.  It was titled 'Don't drop the ball on climate action'.  It was great and Victoria  presented it like a pro. So it got me so enthused that I just had to record this weeks podcast episode about the simple climate action that you can take right now. Firstly, I must say that I did   [Continue Reading …]

Community Actions Abound

Of late, I have been extremely busy attending meetings, workshops, and assisting in the formulation of community actions .  This is the main reason that I haven't been posting as regularly as I would like to, so for that I apologise.For the last four Tuesday evenings I have been attending ACF GreenHome Community Workshops, which have been held in our shire.  They have been a great   [Continue Reading …]

ACF GreenHome Workshops


You’re invited to four FREE workshopsYou’ll be able to:• learn from energy & gardening experts• meet your neighbours• tackle climate change and sustainability in new and creative ways with your community.The Australian Conservation Foundation GreenHome program will help you reduce your environmental impact and take practical steps to save water and energy, produce less waste and grow local   [Continue Reading …]

Gavin’s Most Excellent Weekend

Did you miss me?  I missed all of you!Now that I have had my second visit to the  Endodontist, and that the tooth has settled down a lot, I can tell you about my most excellent weekend.I had the privilege to be selected to attend the Australian Conservation Foundation - GreenHome Community Leaders facilitation training, where I learnt the following; Facilitating group and individual   [Continue Reading …]