Residential Solar Hits Mainstream TV

And all that I can say is about bloody time, and well done.

Residential Solar

This short segment was seen on Weekend Sunrise which airs on Channel 7 here in Australia.  It is a national show that has a viewership of around 312,000 people in the five main state capitals.  That’s a lot of eyes on the screen taking in the news that solar is good for the hip pocket, and for the environment.

 The video above may not play on apple devices.  To see the story, use this link;

I was very impressed, and the hosts seemed to be well researched in the subject.

Being the proud owner of rooftop solar for over 7 years, I can attest that residential solar PV does save the homeowner money, and drastically cuts your family’s GHG emissions.  Win-win for all concerned!

Who would love to see more of this on telly?  Maybe I should make my own show and visit people with solar on their roof and get them to tell me how much they like it, and how cool it is.  Food for thought, don’t you think?


  1. says

    As soon as we can find the quote we have temporarily mislaid we will be getting our solar put on. 😀 Most exciting! The clip was a good one and on a main stream channel too. The more the merrier! As for your own solar show, why not! :) Our neighbours have a system on their roof and it’s cut their bills in half. They have an all electric house too (they were told incorrectly that there was no gas line in our street).

    • Gavin Webber says

      Hey Jessie, get it up as quick as you can. That’s money in your pocket once it starts generating power!

      • says

        Literally as soon as we find that quote! It was the only one on paper and of course we’ve misplaced it! Just found a phone number though so the ball is rolling. 😀

    • Gavin Webber says

      And so you should be! Solar is a fantastic investment. Well done on the builder pimping solar to his clients!

  2. Lynda says

    I love seeing what the Germans are doing and dream that one say we will be the same regarding solar. I wish we had the capital to convert our 5152m2 of factory roof space over to solar. Given the state of manufacturing at the moment id probably make more income off that.

    • Gavin Webber says

      I agree Lynda. Manufacturing needs a boost, and serious progress towards renewable energy would revitalize the sector!

      Gav x

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