Cheese Podcast 023 – Life On a Dairy in the 1970’s

When I was a wee lad, I lived on a Dairy Farm in the country.  Two dairy farms in fact, both in Loxton North, South Australia.  I have many fond memories of growing up on a farm with my brothers and sister, and could not have wished for a better place to develop in those early formative years.

As a kid I was more inclined to climbing hay stacks and riding my bicycle, than wondering how the dairy operated and where the milk went after it was collected by truck.

I remember were the endless chores that I did, like shovel fresh stinky cow pats, clean out the milking stalls after school, and drive the tractor to help day collect hay bales a couple of times a year.  Life on a dairy farm was not an easy one, especially for a mischievous kid like me.

Did I ever mention that I fell off a tractor once, and was run over?  Nothing broken than goodness, but cautious around tractors ever since.

Did I ever mention that I used to chase chickens around the house block as at least one a day always managed to escape the chook run (or did I let one out for fun)?

Did I ever mention that on very cold winter mornings, my brother Jim and I would smash all the ice for the cows in the drinking troughs?

I don’t think I have (and probably never will again).  These thoughts from my childhood only come to mind when I meditate now.

So, over the past few days, I took the time to record a bit of family history focusing on how the dairy was run by someone very special to me.

I asked my father, John Webber, if he would like to talk about his time running a dairy farm of 150 head of milking cows during the ’70’s.

He jumped at the chance so I captured it all in a podcast over at Little Green Cheese.

Life on a dairy farm with John Webber

Gavin (L), John (C), Ben (R)

So if you want to hear about the trials and tribulations of running an effective dairy farm, hear some mischief that I got up to as a kid, listen to some chicken and turkey raising tips, and a little about my father’s early life, then pop on over to Little Green Cheese by clicking the podcast icon below.

Little Green Cheese Podcast

LGC 023 – Life On a Dairy Farm 1970s


  1. says

    No wonder we get along, i was raised on a mixed crop and livestock farm which included a dairy as well. It seemed like hard work at the time but my memories are of a fabulous childhood. There was always something to do and if there wasn’t well we would dream up some trouble to get into. “The Strap” and i were familiar friends but it didnt take the cheekiness out of me.

    Looking forward to listening to your Dad this evening.

    • Gavin Webber says

      Nothing quite like growing up on a farm to learn about the facts of life.

      I wouldn’t have had it any other way. Hope you enjoy the show mate.

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