eBook Writing Again!

It has been a long while since I wrote and published an eBook.  The last one was my cheese making eBook Keep Calm and Make Cheese, which was published in April 2013.

That is 12 months ago, so I have been slack for far too long.

So what am I writing?  Well, actually dear reader, I am writing two eBooks!

The first one is an eBook idea that I tried to turn into a course, but after a fair bit of mucking around, I decided to go back to the eBook format.

It is titled The Great Kilowatt Challenge – The Step by Step Guide to Saving Easy Money off Your Power Bills.  Just to show that I am serious, I have already half written the manuscript, and have designed the cover.

The Great Kilowatt Challenge

The Great Kilowatt Challenge © 2014 Gavin Webber

I am dedicating two hours per night to get this one wrapped up.  It will only be available on my website which is a change for me.  Normally I format it for Amazon and Smashwords distribution and publish there as well, however, I have decided to up the design stakes and add a lot more information to this one.

It will only be available in Adobe Acrobat reader (PDF) format, however this can be read on all Kindle, iPad, and Android tablet devices.  My personally set deadline for this eBook is 30 April 2014.  I think that date is achievable.

The second eBook is one that I promised ages ago.  Its working title is Suburban Food Farm, but that may change as well.  I am up to the third chapter in the manuscript, but I am not happy on how it reads so far.  I want it to be something that you can only apply to small spaces that most suburban homes have.

Currently it reads like a standard gardening book, which probably doesn’t excite anyone, especially me.  It has to be unique, or not worth writing as far as I am concerned.  Anyway, leave that one with me.  I am sure that if I spend a bit of time in the garden an idea will spring forth out of my brain box.  Maybe I should just design a book cover and see what inspiration takes me.  I haven’t come up with a subtitle for the book as yet, so that will probably make all the difference once I decide upon one.

So there you have it.  It feels good to be writing again after so long.  It seems like it was an eternity since I hit that publish button!

What do you think of the titles?  Worthy additions to my eBook series?


  1. Gavin Webber says

    Hi Jessie. I think I made a mistype. I just checked and it was published in 2013. All fixed!

  2. says

    Seems like it’s been 24 months between eBooks my friend. 2012 to 2014. 😉
    Looking forward to seeing what comes about from your books. I know they will come together and be a great read. :)

  3. ennoh412 says

    Both ebooks are of great interest to me. With the suburban food farm book, it would help if you could write it so that it is easy to follow and will help us to grow an abundance of the most used vegies – like potatoes, cucumbers and tomatoes. Also – when is a greenhouse necessary? … I want to grow vegies to feed my family of 7 all year round from my humble Perth suburban lot.

    • Gavin Webber says

      I will see what I can do. Great suggestions as well. Sticking to the basic vegetables is certainly something I know how to do well.

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