Nectarine Jam

Remember those teeny little nectarines that I picked the other day?  Here they are again in case you missed them.

Well, it took me the good part of two hours, but I managed to halve them all, remove the stones, and made something quite edible out of them.

Nectarine Jam.  I made it the easy way, in our bread-maker.  Here is how I did it.

I chopped up 500 gm of fruit in to small pieces, then added 1 & 2/3 cups of white sugar, and 1 & 1/2 Tablespoons of Jamsetta (pectin).

Place on Jam setting on the bread-maker, which will run for about 1:05 hours.

Once the cycle is complete, then pour in to a sterilized, warm jar and seal.  This is an old wide mouth pasta sauce jar of 540 ml capacity, which worked brilliantly.

How does it taste?  Delicious of course, as good nectarine jam should.

The fact of the matter was that I had so many nectarines, that I made a second jar, and Kim made six nectarine strudels.  We had a strudel for desert with ice cream.  Yum.

So as you can see, making jam is easy, especially so in the bread-maker.  Hey if this bloke can make some, I am sure you can too!


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    Thanks Gavin I’m been wanting to make jam in my bread maker but it doesn’t have a jam setting. Small batches work really for us as we’re only two. My favourite flavour is Rhubarb with Dark Rum. Using 1/4 jam and a handful of frozen raspberries I made a raspberry, almond and oat slice last week. I just love impromptu deserts. Looks like I need to run through my settings and look at the time for each one. Bought my last bread maker at a local car boot sale for £6.50 and use it at least 3 times a week !

    • Anonymous says

      I have made peach jam (from perfectly good fruit found in the chook food box from the organic green grocer) and blackberry jam (bushes on my block, the neighbours block and along our road) in the breadmaker in the last few days
      I love using the jam setting and ad I have solar power I don’t feel guilty about using an appliance
      The fact that the organic fruit was free was a bonus though I do have a few holes here and there from the thorns
      Claire in Kalorama

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    I don’t bother with the bread-maker these days, even for small batches. I found that the stovetop is almost as easy and quicker plus I enjoy the relaxation of stirring and watching the fruit change colour slightly as it reaches setting point.

    I made a couple of small batches before Christmas including some marmalade from our own oranges in 30 minutes start to finish. Just got to get the peel on the heat right up front to make sure it soften enough.

    I thought I had published a post about it but when I looked, it wasn’t there. I’ll have to rectify that :)


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    I tried to type a comment earlier today on my ipad however the comment just hung so I’ll retype it now I’m on the computer. I have tried making jam only once in my breadmaker however I ended up with jam everywhere sticking to the bread tin and I know the instructions say so immerse it in water, just wipe it out. Did you have any problems with any jam sticking to the sides? That was my one and only time I did it and I didn’t have success with it however I’m definitley thinking it was operator error and not the breadmaker which has a Jam setting.

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    Yet another reason to go to cash converters and get a bread oven. I think this might have just tipped the scale. I’ve been justifying it to myself for a while but was worried that it would be yet another power device in my already over home over reliant on it.

    I have two Aspergers men in my house who are full on tech heads and will not turn anything off. I got a quote and i need 28 panels to cover my account. I was looking forward to son going back to school to get a little break on the power usage but now hubby is unemployed and he is at home full time.

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    I use the breadmaker for small batch jam too Gavin. One thing I’ve found is that first mixing the fruit, sugar and jamsetta helps things along and I get a slightly better result than if I don’t mix it. If you do this be sure to use a wooden spoon so you don’t damage the bread tin.

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    Jam looks good! Last year I bottled my crop using the vacola. This year I have so many that I will do that again, eat hundreds if them and still have enough to try drying some. :)

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