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I have been out of action lately with an illness, so I would like to use this downtime collecting ideas and information from you, dear readers.

As this blog is about how we live a sustainable lifestyle, with a big heart and sense of community, I am always looking for ways to improve the way that articles are posted.  Sometimes I lean too much towards a certain topic, and I realise that of late I have been focusing on eBooks heavily, because of course, that is what I have been working on the most.

So to remedy that, I am after your opinion.  Opinion about the sorts of things you would like to see here on The Greening of Gavin.  I have created a little poll that you can cast your vote on which topic or topics that you are most interested in, and I will try to add more of these types of posts as we progress on the journey.  You can choose more than one answer.

I appreciate your feedback, which will help this blog to continue and grow!

Thanks in advance for taking the time to vote.

Gav x

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    • says

      Thanks Sol. Over 52 have visited the survey, and only 15 have bothered to give their feedback, which you are one of. Actions speak larger than words!

      I appreciate your support.

      Gav x

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    I like it all, too, it’s a good mix and hard not to check everything off. I almost didn’t complete it for that reason, until I saw your note at bottom. Keep it up!

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    I especially like the ones where you showed the changes you are making to your home. Like the battery bank. And putting up the PV’s. It shows you can retro fit these things and gives me hope that when we move to our next house we can also make these changes.

    I especially loved the clay oven, I think I have shown everyone in my office that post. I am making sure I have this on my list of must haves

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    What ever you think of at the time Gavin. Whilst I came to your blog due to the home vegie garden, I have stayed due to all of the other fantastic info. I love the mix and I think the best way for you to keep this blog popular and to keep getting out the sustainability message is to keep it a bit personal, a bit informative and reasonably frequent. I don’t want you to not post an interesting tit bit because it doesn’t fit in with what a certain number of people want. Blogs are good brain dumps and if most readers are like me we want you to keep spilling. Thanks and keep up the good work.

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    Hi Gavin. I’ve ticked my favourite topics. I came to your blog in the first place I have to say because I was captivated by the title. I still think it’s brilliant and really covers what you are doing within your blog.

    The second reason I came to your blog is my interest in growing my own vegetables in my allotment, living frugally and ‘treading lightly upon this earth’. I read that somewhere once and I think it sums up my feeling that I shouldn’t be using up too much of the earth’s resources. In our short Queensland winter I put on extra clothes and have a ‘nanny rug’ for my knees when I watch the tele in the evening. No need to put a heater on. It’s a bigger challenge in the summer when we are in the middle of a heatwave as we are at the moment throughout Australia as you know. Very tempting to switch on my air conditioner, but as much as I possibly can I open all the windows and doors to tempt as much breeze through here as I can. So I’m trying. Keep up the good work. Sorry you’ve been sick, hope you are feeling better soon.

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    I’d love to complete the survey for you Gavin, but the survey doesn’t appear on my screen- there’s just a blank space where it should be. (I’m reading on an iPad- that may be the reason). This may explain the low number of responses.

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      Ahh! Yes, it just came to me. Apple iOS cannot handle flash objects. I should have tested it on my phone.

      Sorry to all the apple users out there.

      Just write your favourites in a comment.


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    I particularly like posts where you point out how to take small, but significant steps to greener living- whether it is how to incorporate habits, or anecdotes on how you’ve shifted your life. It’s nice to be able to try to relate ‘bite-sized’ changes when one isn’t quite at the place to overhaul one’s life (or gets overwhelmed at everything that could be changed).

    • Lizzy says

      I agree with denisemichelle. Lots of variety in small bite sized chunks, so they don’t overwhelm me. I didn’t tick a few things (cheese, podcasts) because A) I’m deaf so the podcast medium doesn’t appeal and B) I only eat two types of cheese – chedder and feta.

      If you post something that doesn’t interest me, I still give it a read, but I certainly don’t think about it much more than that.

      Keep up the good work.


  7. says

    I am interested in anything and everything you write. So much info and so good to be able to come back and read again. Whatever did we do before our lovely bloggers. Keep up the good work and if this doesn’t appear I will email you direct. I dont have a blog – I am a little computer challenged to say the least and often my comments dont appear. Joy

  8. says

    Great idea to get reader feedback, but like lots of others I felt like I pretty much could have ticked everything so I kept it to the top interests. But I’ll happily read anything you care to post about.

    • Anonymous says

      I too cant get the survey on my phone.
      I like most of whst you write but as a chook owner and a foodie i enjoy those articles the most
      Have listened to one podcast only. Didnt come over great on the phone
      Cant get most of the videos to play on the phone however this may be my lack of competence with technology
      Claire in Kalorams

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