Peoples Renewable Energy Target Poll – Update

Hot off the presses!  Here is the result of the poll by 100% Renewables and the ACF.  You voice has been heard.

Not a bad result.  The poll was conducted from 22/10/2012 to 31/10/2012 at  5363 people responded to the survey.

Also in the news, this story titled “Call to cut renewables target rejected” was a sight for sore eyes.  It said;

“Australia’s Climate Change Authority has rejected calls by some of the country’s biggest energy companies to scale back the national 20 per cent renewable energy target, saying it should be left largely untouched. 

In its first major release since being set up in July, the authority says significantly altering the target — mandating 20 per cent of Australia’s electricity generation should come from renewable energy sources — would hurt investor confidence 

Significant industry players, including Origin Energy, Energy Australia and the Business Council of Australia, proposed the target be reduced as they said it was set to be overshot, resulting in higher industry costs than necessary.”

A win for climate change mitigation, and some common sense for once!  I am impressed.


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    I get a bit uncomfortable when people start waving around individual weather events as proof of global warming. Because then the denialist start doing the same.

    “Hurricane Sandy. Look. Proof of global warming!”
    “Rain in summer! See, global warming is bulldust!”

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    Oh Gavin, this will do your heart good: The cover of Bloomberg’s Business Week magazine declares in huge letters that IT’S GLOBAL WARMING, STUPID over a picture of a flooded New York City street. The latest death toll from “Frankenstorm” Sandy now stands at 102; sad that it takes death and destruction at this scale to make people pay attention. Michael Bloomberg is the mayor of New York, so when he thinks his city is underwater due to climate change, people pay attention. In addition, the Governor of NY (who most people feel has Presidential ambitions in 2016)is also talking about climate change, that we’re having 100 year floods every couple of years. I sense a tipping point is approaching in people’s attitudes. Anyway, you can see more about it here:

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      That is great new Kathy! Hope that some positive comes from the devastation. My thoughts go out to all the affected people from Sandy and hope the recovery is swift and relatively pain free.

      Gav x

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