Tanks for the Memories

I installed a rainwater tank way back in 2007.  It worked very well for many years until…..but…..

There is a hole in my tank, dear Liza, dear Liza.

Yes folks, it cracked an sprang a leak.  This picture is of my dodgy attempt to fix it up with a soldering iron and some HDPE plastic.

My repair work did not work, so I rang the tank man and found out that the company I bought it from has gone broke.  The tank man said that if I could get it to his factory (other side of Melbourne) then he could plastic weld it from the inside for about $450 plus another $100 to get it there.  There was no guarantee on the work either.  So I bit the bullet and purchased a new rainwater tank of the same 2300 L capacity for $700 with a 5 year guarantee.  Luckily we had the money spare from my tax return refund.

We emptied the tank into the pool and Kim and I moved it into the carport today.  It was quite easy to move.  We are cutting it into thirds with the top and bottom being used as new garden beds, and the three tubes as smaller raised beds.  Kim said she will adorn them with her usual art work!  One tank fully re-purposed.

Here is the space the tank was positioned in.

 Before   After

The move was quite fortuitous, because we had always wanted a door that gave us access from the back of the house into the pool area, so this was the perfect opportunity.  We decided to put the new tank in between the two bedroom windows.  Here is the start of the hard stand that the new tank will sit on.  All it needs is a bit of concrete that is level, then we can install the tank.

Here is a picture of the new 2300 L tank sitting on the pool deck, waiting to be installed.  We bought a more ridged design this time, that hopefully will not split.

So this is where the new door will go.  Work start on it on Wednesday.

The pipe work will be moved over to the left and reconnected to the irrigation system.

Anyway, enough tank talk.  More pictures when the new one is installed by your truly now that my Dad taught me how.


  1. says

    Excellent repurposing of the old tank!

    Froogs, I am not sure you do need planning permission? as it is a movable fixture. But maybe worth a look on your local council website

  2. says

    Hi Carol,

    As I mentioned in the post;

    “We are cutting it into thirds with the top and bottom being used as new garden beds, and the three tubes as smaller raised beds. Kim said she will adorn them with her usual art work! One tank fully re-purposed.”

  3. says

    Hi Dad,

    We are going to put them along the wall in the pool area, between the two citrus trees that you used as a ladder to fit the guttering.

  4. says

    @ Froogs. I have looked into flushing the toilets with the tank water, but it would cost me more than the value of the tank and the water to connect it up. Plumbers cost a small fortune.

    @ Steve, cheers. Hope you get your larger tanks soon.

    @ Anon. Nice generalization and so naive on so many levels.
    a. Zincalume slimline tanks are not cheaper than Polyethylene slimline.
    b. Both types are prone to tiny amounts of chemical leaching.
    c. I don’t live in a bushfire prone area, I live in the burbs, so do not have that concern.
    d. Next time you leave a comment, leave your name.


  5. Anonymous says

    Why is everyone going for these new fangled plastic tanks?
    The old zincalume tanks are cheaper, do not have the possible problem of toxic chemicals leaching out into the water and in the event of a bushfire, do not melt, so you lose your water just when you need it most.

  6. says

    Ditto FG’s tank envy. We’ve been wanting to install one (4,000 l) for a few years as it would give us the opportunity to irrigate higher areas of our plot that we can’t reach with our current gravity system but it’s a big investment. Have been waiting for a used one to come our way but sounds like this could be false economy based on your experience. Good luck with the installation and building work.

  7. says

    holy moly! that’s a big tank and I have seeeeeeeerious tank envy! I think I would have to have planning permission to have one of those, plus – I bet they’re more expensive in blighty as not enough people save their own water – how about a pumping system to flush your own loo with it? love froogs

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