TGoG Podcast 018 – An Interview with Julie Grundy

TGOG+podcast+logo+new+1400+v2This weeks podcast is an interview with Julie Grundy, who lives in Perth, Western Australia and is the author of Go Greener Australia.

I am a fan of her blog and also the G Magazine Challenges that she participates in.  During the interview we talk about her motivation to continue writing, the water security issue in Perth, the proposed Kimberly Gas terminal, and her garden!  It was a fun interview.

Listen to the Episode Below (00:29:13)
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And if you are wondering what happened to Episode 17, well it is going to be posted when I am in hospital.  I recorded what I am calling a Green Easy Listening radio show using some new software, which Kim thinks may not be a hit, but I am willing to give any format a go to promote sustainable living.  Watch for Episode 17 soon!
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  1. says

    Hi Julie. You are most welcome to pop back on the podcast anytime. I am sure we have lots to talk about!

    Gav x

  2. JulieG says

    Thanks for having me on the podcast, I had a great time. I had no idea what my voice sounded like – now I know why everyone asks if I have an accent!

    Of course right after I was talking about the Perth drought on the podcast, it started pouring about 20 minutes later and didn’t stop for a whole day. Typical Perth weather!

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