Stupid Politicians

In The Age newspaper today;

“Polar bears, stay calm. Fairy penguins inhabiting ice floes, chill out. Seals, go back to being all furry and cute in National Geographic. Y’all can relax.

Climate change is not real and the seas are not rising.

This surprising fact was revealed yesterday by a Nationals senator, Ron Boswell, during a Senate estimates hearing with the Department of Climate Change.

During a quibble over the amount by which oceans are allegedly expanding, Senator Boswell felt he could hold his truth inside no longer. ”Being someone who has spent his life in boats, since I was a kid, I haven’t seen any sea level change,” he pronounced.

That’s settled, then. Just call him the Archimedes of Estimates.”

Honestly, I thought that our politicians had more sense, but obviously the right have no bloody idea and have their heads stuck firmly up a climate denialists arse.   To make matters worse I was listening to the Parliamentary debate live from the House of Representatives on ABC News Radio on the way home and not one, but two liberal members stated that climate change was a scam and not actually happening.  WTF, and please explain?

Their reasoning was as follows.  Just because we now have had floods and above average rainfall, it means that all the climate scientists are wrong as they were predicting hotter, drier conditions over the longer term.   That certainly is not true as these clowns cannot read a trend line to save themselves.  So as global ocean temperatures rise, so does evaporation over the oceans as do storm events and warming certainly has not slowed down.  To prove a point, here is a data set that I captured off of our very own Bureau of Meteorology.  It shows the Annual Mean Surface Temperature Anomaly for the entire world.  Not just Australia, but the entire world.

So which piece of factual data about climate change do the honourable members of our conservative parties not actually understand?  It certainly has me buggered!  The data shows that the world is still warming, and rapidly at that.

Common sense will prevail, I hope.


  1. says

    Your first mistake was thinking that politicans have any sense.

    Your second, thinking that any politican would do anything outside their own self interest.

    As for Senator Boswell he should take note of this saying “Better to be a fool in silence, than to speak and let the whole world know.”

    Whomever said “shoot the lawyers” should have included politicans.

  2. sawn61 says

    Gavin, I try not to use the word stupid, since the grandchildren tend pick up the negative,so much more quickly than the positive,but since you are using it with the word politicans,I will agree.It’s a good word when describing many of them.I see lots of things they could change to make a difference over here, but who are we to make suggestions,other than just”The People”.You know the document that I speak of that begins”We,the people”.HA!

  3. Guy M (NZ) says

    >>>>Common sense will prevail, I hope<<<<

    Common sense & Politicians (at least some) = oxymoron

    With this one though you could drop the “Oxy” bit…

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