Frugal and Green on the 7PM Project

For all my international readers, here is the edited TV show.  I hope you enjoy it as much as my Aussie readers.  The blog counter has gone crazy!

Yours in Frugally Greenness


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  1. says

    Nice one Dad, now that you’ve gone mainstream, just remember the ones who got you there. Like me. I’ll have the 2010 Laborgini. I know its not exactly enviromentaly friendly so i promise i’ll only drive it on Sundays.

    – Adam.

  2. says

    They were frugal with their time, Gavin, but you are a star. I watched it in an amusing way…I am about to write about it on my blog.

  3. says

    Nice one, Gav! It was short and punchy, but that’s how you introduce people to a topic. Just enough to whet the appetite and send them over to your web site!

    Now we’re all waiting for the movie-length video training series :-).

  4. says

    I started watching the show from the beginning & got about 2 minutes in before I gave up and taped it ROFL – I’d forgotten exactly how bad commercial TV is! Taping it meant I got to rewind the segment a couple of times though LOL – it was short but definitely sweet. Awesome work spreading the word Gavin :-)

  5. says

    Hi everyone,

    Thanks for all your wonderful comments. Kim and I appreciate them so much.

    Yes, it was too short, Yes, I need to make a DVD or YouTube series about Sustainable Living, so I better get cracking.

    Maybe C31 will pick it up?


  6. says

    Well done Gavin.

    It was definitely short but sometimes less is more and given the amount of hits your blog got, I think the message came through loud and clear.

  7. Carol Hardie says

    So glad you posted this as i missed seeing it on the telly!!that was great,so inspiring,thank’s so much,xx

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