For Facebook Fans – Unfriend Coal

This video from GreenPeace has been doing the rounds, so I thought I would share it here with you all.  Cute, to the point, and something that people young and old should take the time to think about.  Where do the massive server farms that keeps Facebook running get their electricity from?  Coal of course.  Unfriend coal!

by Gavin, who is also on Facebook, but uses 100% GreenPower to run his part of it.


  1. says

    Wow! I am so far behind the times. I’m still not on Facebook :). I’m finding it more difficult to not succumb to the pressure, but so far, so good. I just don’t see any value, and I have a lot of (perhaps paranoid 😉 concerns.

  2. says

    @ Rhonda,

    Well done on facebook, I only use it to promote my blog. Don’t have time for all the other crap on it.

    Check out this link,
    You can access it at the top of my blog under the heading Solar. BTW, this bloke says go for it. You will never regret getting free electricity from the Sun (after your initial outlay pays for itself of course).

    @ Jon W

    True, I did sell my REC’s, however I pay extra to my retailer for certified GreenPower 100% wind, so in effect I am actually buying them back from someone else. Crazy I know, but at least it gets the fledgling Wind industry on their feet.


  3. Jon W says

    Hey Gav

    Since you sold your RECs, doesn’t that mean someone else can lay claim to the GreenPower generated by your PV array? Despite of being a consultant in sustainability, that’s one question I’m still struggling with and have found no sound answers. Do you know?

  4. says

    Hey Gavin I cancelled my face book altogether. Glad I did now.
    Also hubby is getting very curious about going as solar as possible. Could you please send me any links on your blog that he can read as I ramble on about your solar power and how your extra goes back into the grid. But he being he would be better convinced if he read what another “bloke” has to say.

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