Wicking Garden Beds

Busy in the garden as always, I decided to get off my bottom and build a new garden bed.  Here what we have built so far.  My daughter Amy helped as did Kim, so it was a group effort.  The bed measures 2.3 x 1.2 metres.

The timber that I saved from the deconstruction of our old kitchen came in handy.  It was wonderful wood, nice and solid, red gum I think, which was at least as old as the house (about 40 years old).   I have enough material for one more 1 x 1 metre bed which I will whip up after Sustainable House Day.

Please let me know what you think of my handy work.  The only power tool I used was a drill and all the rest was constructed by hand.  I will be adding the wicking part either one night this week or on Saturday.  I followed the example on Scarecrows blog “Outback Edge Harvest“.  It has some great tips about these types of garden beds.  Great information and simple to follow instructions.

The area we have selected is under cover from about noon in summer and only gets the morning sun.  Idea for a salad garden and close to the back door.  It should stop the lettuces from bolting fast, and keep them nice and crisp for picking at any time of day in the heat of summer.  Well that is the theory anyway.


  1. sawn61 says

    I was glad to see how you did the wicking. I wasn’t familar with that, but will give it a try. I had used home made cloth rope run from a pail of water(for a very small bin)buried beneath my plants in the mulch.That helps,but I will try your method next season. Thanks.

  2. says

    Wonderful recycling of ex-kitchen bits into a bed for more growing food. I’m imagining you all sitting out there on a summer evening, just reaching over, picking, (maybe rinsing in a bowl of water) and then munching on the succulent salad leaves.

    Well done Gav, Amy, Kim and super canine supervisor Holly!

  3. says

    I think I am going to try this method for my garden. Scarecrow is my “neighbour” in a nearby town so has the same weather conditions that I experience.

    I struggle every year with the garden and trying to keep enough water up to it. We are intending to use rainwater on it this year as we have 16000 gallons on hand, and water restrictions means we are paying high dollars for water usage. Hubby has made two garden beds, and I have just shown him yours, hoping to spark some enthusiasm on his behalf.

    Your beds look great…your team did a swell job. Thanks for sharing.

    It is supposed to be a nice day here tomorrow so I will be out in my garden getting things in order.


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