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Now this may sound a bit out there, but as I have had Skype (a free IP telephony and video service) installed for a while, I was wondering if anyone out there had the inkling to call me and ask any sustainable living questions?  Even happy to have a detailed conversation about some of the big issues as I see it (PO and CC) if you really want to get deep and meaningful.  Please remember, I am not offering a service for anyone to pay out on me by every Climate Change denialist out there.  I can always block and hang up.

Happy to receive voice calls only if you think video is too personal, however I have video if you are really excited about seeing my mug shot moving around, but if it is late at night you might catch me in my jim jams!

My Skype address and status is on the left hand sidebar, so you will be able to tell when I am online, however if it is during the day Australian time, don’t be surprised if Kim has a chat to you (or not, she is a bit shy)!

Just putting it out there if anyone wants to learn a little bit more from someone who has a little experience under his belt about living a semi-sustainable lifestyle.  I like recording podcasts, but it just seems too one way for my liking.

Let me know if your are cool with a few more podcasts, or just on Skype and have a chat.  Remember, there is no such thing as a stupid question, just a stupid answer!

Comments welcome.


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    @ Bec,

    Nice article in the Canberra City times. A great plug to show that ordinary people like us can make a difference. Speaking of TV, there is a murmur of a 60 minutes story in the wind!

    @ Sarhn,

    Thanks for the voicemail. I will catch up with you on line soon.


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    Dang! I don’t have Skype, but I have wicking bed and drip irrigation questions to ask!!

    You are a generous person, Gavin, good luck with it… (why don’t you have your own TV show yet?)

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