Weird Ride Home

Being a frequent traveller on public transport systems throughout Melbourne, I thought I had seen it all, until of tonight.

Adam and I caught the Metro at Parliament Station, and we were confronted by three shady looking characters and a Coles shopping trolley full of 3 minute noodles!  As we passed Melbourne Central and Flagstaff stations, because of the shopping trolley, it was standing room only and as tight as a can of sardines.  All three individuals looked quite spaced out, and started talking about some weird subjects.   This is what Adam and I over heard just before we got off at North Melbourne.

First bloke, “How many grams of methadone are you on?”. 
Chick, “55!”
Other bloke, “Shit, I am only on 40 grams!
First bloke, “Fuck, I am down to 30.  Where do you get your stuff?” 
Chick, “Down at the chemist, see, I got some in my bag.”
First bloke, “You aught to go to rehab love, there is a free one in Fitzroy, for six weeks.”
Chick, “I need six fucking months mate!”

The trio then went on to discuss the pros and cons of various rehabilitation institutions and what you have to pay to stay there.  For this ordinary man, it was a bizarre conversation.

I looked around and my fellow passengers were slowly trying to edge away from these three.  Anyway, it was about this stage that Adam and I departed, looked at each other, then the three characters and the shopping trolley, shook our heads in disbelief.  It was like being in a movie.  I was looking around for the camera!

It is truly amazing the things you see and hear when trying to lower your carbon footprint!  I wouldn’t give it up for all the tea in China.


  1. says

    Good post but you forgot to mention that the girl looked about 14. And there is a far more import issue here then three meth users addictions, what the hell where they doing with all that 3 minute noodles?!

  2. says

    @ Mum,

    Thanks. The kitchen is a joy to work in. And yes, there are some interesting people on the trains. She had enough noodles to feed Little Bourke St!

  3. Anonymous says

    gAV AND kIM the kitchen looks realy nice love the colours you sure do meet some funny ones on the public transport sounds like they were doing the weekly shopping with all the noodles

    love mum

  4. says

    Public transport, just the place to run slap bang into life. It’s sad to see the shit some of these youngsters get themselves in. Maybe there is a bit of hope for these three, at least they where talking about rehab.

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