Djerriwarrah Festival – Melton, Victoria


November 7th, lock it in your social calendars.  Our Sustainable Living Group has a stand at the annual DJ festival.  We will be located in the Environmental Hub which I believe will be on the grassed area near the Honey Shack across High Street from the Community Hall.  We will be there from 0900 - 1700.  The stall will be manned by willing volunteers (members & friends) who are more than   [Continue Reading …]

Wanted: A Container Deposit Scheme

I grew up in South Australia, where a bottle deposit scheme has been running very successfully since the 70's.  The Australian Greens have started a campaign for the next COAG meeting, and they intend to deliver my letter to all the Environment Ministers in a bottle!Here is the letter that I personalised and sent to our Federal Environment Minister;Dear Minister Garrett,I support the Greens   [Continue Reading …]

Feeling Inspired


Over the last few days, I have felt inspired whilst reading a book titled "Suzuki's Green Guide - How to find fresher, tastier, healthier food. Create and Eco-Friendly Home. Make sustainable Transportation Choices. Reduce Consumption and be a Green Citizen" by David Suzuki and David R. Boyd with additional text for Australian edition by Michael Mobbs of fame.Reading it   [Continue Reading …]

Establishing the Pecking Order


As promised late last night, I have made a movie about introducing new chickens into an existing flock.  It is quite entertaining.  Grab the organic popcorn and get stuck in. Now it was shortly after the making of this movie that the three larger birds decided it was time to stretch their wings and test the boundaries of their chicken run.  So, Kim and I had to clip their wings.  It is a   [Continue Reading …]

The New Flock


Sunday was fun in so many ways.  We were expected at the chicken breeders place at 10am, so Kim, Pam, Ben and I left at about 0920.  Just as we left it started to rain all the way to New Gisborne, which was a welcome sight. We arrived on time and met Sue, who bred the hens.  We picked out 3 ISA Brown hens that were just past point of lay, however two were not brown, but white with black   [Continue Reading …]

Water Security


This is a scary picture.  When I first moved to Melton in August 2000, our local reservoir was full to the brim and water was spilling over the slipway.  Today, this is what it looks like;   It was only a few years ago when in about the 10th year of the Victorian drought, the State government and water companies decided that it was probably best if Melton was connected to   [Continue Reading …]

Climate Change Scenarios at the Co-op


It is my turn to write over at the Simple Green Frugal Co-op.  With the looming UN Climate Change negotiations at Copenhagen only 44 days away, I thought I would try and reach as many people as possible, even though I might be bending the rules of the co-op.  This is not the time for sticking to the rules as far as I am concerned.So if you are interested, pop over to the Co-op and read   [Continue Reading …]

So much done, So little time


I am so tired, but satisfied with my efforts!The last few weeks have been very hectic.  With having Dad and his partner Norma down from Qld who left this morning, and Kim's mum Pam visiting (Pam is still here, but I like having her around), Ben's 10th birthday and Megan turned 18 on Saturday.  It has been a full house and lots happening and birthday parties everywhere!As you saw in "Chicken House   [Continue Reading …]

My Action

You may have heard of this campaign.  Check the video out first and I will then describe our group action. Our Sustainable Living Group will have a group photo standing in my veggie patch, with the Solar PV panels in the background holding a big 350 sign that we will send to  Should be pretty cool, because everyone in the group try to lower their carbon footprint all the   [Continue Reading …]

Power Thoughts


Long time between posts, however still have a good time with visiting relatives.  Anyway, I had a bit of a suprise in the post this week.During the winter quarter, my electricity usage was zero!  Partly because Mr Power metre reading man couldn't be buggered reading my metre the quarter before, therefore a massive estimate was calculated by my power company, however, we did make quite a   [Continue Reading …]

Holy Emmantal Batman!


Well, the four months were up on the weekend for ripening of my Emmantal cheese.  Here is a before shot during eye formation, just to refresh your memories.So on Saturday, we cracked open the wheel and this is what we found.There was a 3cm split on the top and It was a little infected with Penicillin Roquefort, however the Propioni Shermanii culture did its work.  Well some of the work   [Continue Reading …]

Rebranding Coal

GetUp! Australia are fighting back with this slick rebuttle to the re-branding effort that the coal lobby are attempting in marginal federal and state seats to change the image of coal to that of a clean energy.  Once again, what a crock.  There is no such thing as Clean Coal.  Not only is it an oxymoron, you only have to touch the stuff to know that this statement is true, and by simply looking   [Continue Reading …]

Global Dimming vs Global Warming

I think that we may have overlooked something.  It is a phenomenon called Global Dimming, which is caused by pollution both natural from bushfires and manmade from industrial particulate emissions.  It has been shown that Global dimming provides a dampening effect for Climate Change.  Now, it is a bit difficult to explain the effect but suffice to say that the pollution particulates block some of   [Continue Reading …] – 24th October 2009


As discussed at the last Melton Sustainable Living Group Inc. meeting, here is some more information about campaigns in our local area.  Click on the links for more information.The Big Picture hosted by BREAZE in Ballarat.ATA's 350 Photo Challenge.  Danni (my neighbour and friend), and I have already submitted photos to this campaign.and finally, on Friday 23rd October, MGC Pedal Powered   [Continue Reading …]

Chicken House Extension

We have been busy over the weekend, with Dad and I building an extension to the chicken house to accommodate about another 6 hens.  There is a poultry auction in the next town next Saturday so we wanted to make a bit more room in case we decide to purchase a few more hens for TGOG's urban farm.  Have a look at the movie that I took and put together to document the mammoth building effort we   [Continue Reading …]