Kev’s Patch – Round 2

I promised you all that I would not give up regarding the Kev’s Patch Campaign that a few other bloggers and I are involved in.  Here is my second letter back from the leader of Australia’s department.  Only my address has been omitted for obvious reasons.

Australian Government
Department of the Prime Minister and Cabinet

20 August 2009

Dear Mr Webber

Thank you for your letter of 17 August 2009 to the Prime Minister regarding my previous reply about the growing of organic produce at The Lodge and Kirribilli House. I have been asked to reply on the Prime Minister’s behalf.

The Department is currently investigating various environmental initiatives including water capture at the residences. Water tanks are already in place at Kirribilli House which has reduced the amount of town water used there.

Thank you again for taking the time to write to the Prime Minister.

Yours sincerely

Suzanne de Smet
Assistant Director
Official Establishments Unit

Thanks for the reply Suzanne.  I do appreciate the time you take to reply on behalf of our PM.  Really I do.

So readers, what do you think?  Another fob off?  Not much detail in this letter, but at least we now know that Kirribilli House has rainwater tanks and that they use them.  I believe this response deserves an third reply asking for details of the “various environmental initiatives”.  Maybe there might be an organic vegetable patch in there somewhere even though there is not a lot of reference to it in this letter. 

If at first and second you don’t succeed, try, try again and again and again!  Kev’s Patch will become a reality.  Please join the campaign, visit the Kev’s Patch website and participate in this fine piece of environmental activism by sending our PM a letter.  Even if you are not Australian, still have a go at getting the leader of your country to plant their own veggie patch at their official residence. 

Just as important though, please take the time to plant some vegetables of your own.  It is nearly spring, so have a look at Gardenate to see what you could grow in your area.  It currently covers climates for Australia, New Zealand and the United Kingdom.  Growing your own food is as simple as putting a seed or seedling in the ground and watering it.  It nature can do it, I am sure you can.  Go on, give it a go because you will never regret it!  Even a balcony pot or two are a good start if that is all you have available.

Lets all lead by example, see how many of us can start our own organic veggie patches, and keep applying the pressure to Prime Minister Rudd.  Tell him in your letter how well your garden grows, with or without water restrictions in your area.

Here’s a thought.  If the PM had his own veggie patch, he wouldn’t have to borrow as much money to pay for all these handouts to big polluters that he is proposing in the CPRS.  Now that is something worth fighting for!



  1. says

    @ Chrissie, I reckon you’re right. Will write another from myself and one from our sustainability group. A double KO!

    @ Sarhn. Of course he does. I and many other told him in our first letters. I am going to send him swags of links to the sites that mention other leaders doing the right thing in my next letter. You know how much our Kev likes to promote himself on the world stage. Wouldn’t want him to loose face now, would we!

    Oh, BTW. For an organic pesticide try this recipe that posted at Organic Pest and Weed Control. That should give you a few tips.


  2. says

    Love this post Gav. When it came into my email inbox I was hopping to respond (just trying to get through work so I could jump on your blog).

    Doesn’t he know that the Obama’s have a veggie patch??

    I so desire to grow my own veggies. No land to do so but do have a court yard at the back with large pot plants. Have tried tomatoes, strawberries, herbs but insects always eat the leaves. Don’t want to use chemicals. I need to look into this more.

    Cheers Gav

  3. Chrissie says

    I think this second reply is a bigger fob off then the first. Keep at them, We are behind you. Keep up the great work, pleasure to read your thoughts every morning.

    Chrissie & Co.

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