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Finally a bit of praise for our government.  How hard did it used to be to find out about green tips, ideas for rainwater saving, and the ever important rebates to help turn a little darker shade of green?  When I first started out 3 and a bit years go on this journey, it was almost like pulling teeth to get the right site with the right info and links to further information.  Google certainly go a bashing in those early days, but most of the time I can across U.S. sites which were a little bit more advanced than us information wise. 

Well look no longer folks, the Australian government may have just spent our taxpayers money wisely and have created a web portal that links you to all these things and more.  So, where is this magical site? 
You can find at  I found it quite comprehensive, and gave it a thourough work out so to speak.  First it educates in the Be Informed section, then it tells you what steps you can take in the Take Action section, and then lets you know what Grants, Rebates & Loans are available that you might be elegable for.  Pretty cool I thought. 

And if you still like Peter Garrett then there is a groovy little video of him plugging the features of the site.  Remember, this site looks like it only takes into account rebates and grants from the Federal government.  You will have to search you own state governments site for similar information.  Now wouldn’t it be really good if they got together and did that for us.  Federal and State governments working together.  Maybe the Australian constitiution might finally be worth the paper it is written on if they managed to set aside their differences and worked together.  Environmentally, you would think we were 6 different countries with a few territories tacked on for good measure..

Anyway, have a look at the site.  I think it is well worth a visit.


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    @ James, yes I noticed that as well. I thought I had seen the info somewhere before. BTW I had to recreate my blog roll the other day and all native non-blogger blogs fell off. I just put you back on. Sorry about that, coz I love the daily visit to your site.

    @ Belinda. Hope the site helps. I wish they would advertise it on TV so that the sheeple would get to see it!

    @ JulieG. Ditto. As you have read, I had to do the same. Would have made the job of sustainability a bit easier, but wouldn’t have stopped me from sharing my stories!


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    I wish this had been around a few years ago when I was looking all over the place for information! But then, I might not have started my own site if I’d found this.

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