Amish Glider Rocker

We now have one happy young lad, who simply loves to sit in his new rocking/glider chair and reading books in the evening!  Danni, our neighbour was giving away the glider on Freecycle and we popped over for some other reason and asked if we could take it off her hands.  “Gladly”, she said and now we are the proud owners of an Amish Glider with cusions.  I don’t know if it was really made by Amish people but from what I have seen on the net, the style is very similar

Kim gave the cusions a quick wash and Ben had it in his room within a day.  I can see many long and comfortable hours of use for this well constructed piece of furniture.  It certainly has made a 9 year old boy and Holly very happy.  I can’t wait until I can sit down again, so I can curl up and read a book whilst relaxing in it!

Freecycle is so cool, and so are nice neighbours!  Thanks Danni


  1. says

    Hey dad, I reckon you will have to arm wrestle him for it. He is pretty strong!

    Yes Olive, no mix up in the gene pool there thats for sure. Ben laughed when I red him the comment, I think he likes the idea that he is my mini me!


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