The Trek

No post of substance tonight.  Adam and I are going to see the new Star Trek movie as we are both avid fans.  It should be a great evening.

That makes me wonder.  How many others of you out there love the Trek?  Leave a comment if you are a fan.

See you all tomorrow!  Be Green and Prosper!


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  1. says

    Not Fair!!!!

    My husband won’t go to the cinema here, he hates it. I have to wait. grrr.

    I love Star Trek, better than Star Wars. The last 3 movies that is.

  2. says

    Well I must say that now that I have seen it, it was fan-freaking Trektastic. I would put it up there with Wrath of Khan, Undiscovered Country and First Contact. The actors did justice to the characters that all trekkers know and love.


  3. says

    Ooh, I do like a bit of Trek. I lost track of it sometime during DS9, but will be going to see the movie this weekend. Glad you’ve given the movie a thumbs up :)

  4. says

    Not a true trekky, but I’ve seen and enjoyed some of the series (except Deep Space 9, which I never liked) and several of the movies. I liked this latest one too!

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