Nearly Finished

So what do you think?  I believe that the template looks quite professional, and even better, it was free!

Just a few more things to add into the side bar, like links to some of the tutorials that I have written over the life of the blog, and then it will be complete.


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    Thanks for the feedback everyone. Greatly appreciated.

    @K. Welcome my Canadian friend. Thanks, I love writing it as well. Being inspiring is just a side effect!


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    Hello from Canada! I recently stumbled across your blog, and just wanted to tell you how inspiring I think you and your family are. I linked to your blog in a post in mine, I hope you don’t mind (I was going to e-mail you, but I can’t find the link to your e-mail in the new layout).

    Thanks for writing this blog – I do really find it quite inspiring – and funny!

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