I feel a bit weird posting this tonight.  After having just watched the local Victorian news about the bushfires across Victoria and New South Wales, and I really feel for the family’s that are grieving tonight, with some having lost loved ones, homes, or both.  A very sad day indeed.  Both Kim and I were in tears when we saw the extent of the devastation.  Some of the worst bushfires were only 100 km to the north of us.

We were fortunate here in Melton, with only one grass fire starting a about 10 streets away, but it was soon under control and no lives or homes were lost.  The CFA were very quick, and I thank all of the fire crews across the state who have worked so very hard to protect us all from these fires.

So in light of the current events, please excuse this humble blogger for posting pictures of his sun burnt garden.  No words, just pictures, and I hope where ever you are, that this finds you are safe and well.




Unlike others, this is nothing compared to what others have lost.  Take care.



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    Gav, I have had Dad & Norma here this morning on their way to speciailst appointments and we have been watching the ABC News most of the time that they were here. It is just gut wrentching! Its 39 degrees at my house today and the humidity is just so high that it takes your breath away. However, what we witnessed on the news is just terrible, there are no words for it. Nothing anyone could say could help those poor souls and their families.

    As horrible as it seems to say, I thank god you and Kim and the kids are safe (for now), when there are so many that aren’t.

    Good luck on your assignment Gav, top marks I reckon.


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    Hi Gav,

    Glad to hear you guys are safe.

    Very sorry about your garden damage though, it looks very significant.

    We had an similar fire incident up here on Saturday with similar results.

    I keep looking for rain and even up here we are just getting “damp”.

    Kind Regards

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    Gavin can I just say here on your blog to all the Aussie friends I have made in the blogging world to please keep yourselves safe. I know it is terrible if you loose your possesions but please remember that your life is more so. Have just heard that the death total is nearly 100. May you all keep safe. God bless, Margaret

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