I hate toothaches, and yes, I have a big one! In fact I have had it since Wednesday lunchtime and has been increasing in severity ever since.

I called in sick at work on Friday, and managed to get a dentist appointment at 1230. The nice dentist lady had a poke around and could only see an inflamed gum between two bottom right molars. The tap on the teeth test didn’t show that anything was amiss, so she recommended that I rinse 3 times a day with Savicol mouthwash to assist in the healing process.

Well I did as she instructed for the rest of Friday and all of Saturday, and I thought it was getting better. Then this morning at 3am, BANG, it hit me. I woke up thinking that someone had punched me in the head and then like a big sooky la-la, I started crying, a lot. Not a good look for that time of the morning!

I have figured out that the tooth to the rear of the inflamed gum was actually the cause of the initial pain, consequently, I am in pain and doped up on strong pain killers that I had left over from my back injury. Every four hours, when the medication wears off, I get the same excruciating pain I had early this morning.

Other than watering the veggie patch and feeding the chickens early this morning (it was a big effort let me tell you), I have been in bed all day, nursing the pain like a big grumpy grizzly bear. Kim has been worried about me, and tried to find a dentist that could help me, but being Sunday, she didn’t have much luck. She is going to try and get me in first thing tomorrow and hopefully, the dentist should be able fix me up within 30 minutes flat. Until then, I will have to suffer in silence and keep on the painkillers!

What does this event have to do about sustainable living? Well, not much really. I thought I would just share the pain and let you know why my blogging has been erratic for the last week.

Wish me luck tomorrow, and all being well, I should be back to my normal self again.


  1. says

    I’m dreading my next dentist appointment too, so my thoughts are with you on the toothache :-( Poor you! *hugs*

    I have sensitive teeth, and although nothing is *wrong* – yet – I eventually will need to have a few ‘buckle’ fillings.

    These are fillings on the side of my teeth where I obviously used too harsh a toothbrush or was too vigorous with the brush over the years and have thinned the enamel.

    The result is sensitivity when I eat anything really cold, plus a few other foods do it too. The buckles will eventually need doing and cost me a fortune, plus a bit of pain as well :-(

    The moral of the story? Use a soft toothbrush and brush gently! Apparently even those electric toothbrushes can cause this sort of damage over time. No wonder the less than scrupulous dentists are recommending them! Grr!

  2. says

    Oh, I’m so sorry. I usually don’t have any tooth problems, but Aries has enough for the both of us. An old-wives remedy is cloves – the same ones you stick in ham (or clove oil). If you have any whole cloves, try holding one or two back on that tooth until you can get to a dentist.

  3. Sparkly says

    Gavin – I was nearly wiped out with dental pain over Christmas. It is worth going to Accident and Emergency at your local hospital – they may well start you on antibiotics in case of infection and can prescribe anti-inflammatories and knock-out painkillers. I avoid medication as far as I can and am worried about the over-reliance on antibiotics but I would have pulled my own tooth had I had to wait any longer! Hope you get some relief soon,

  4. SubtropicalHappiness says

    Oh Gavin my deepest sympathy I had lots and lots of teeth problems over the years and the pain is indescribable hope Kim finds help for you.
    I am sure it is not much fun for her to see her beloved in so much pain.

  5. says

    Poor you Gavin, are you a good patient? Yes Garak was named after that famous Cardasien, I am a sci fi buff. Still trying to get over that Stargate Atlantis has finished. Garak and the Dr in Voyager were my fav characters. Sad isn’t it, must get myself a real life, LOL. Hope Monday brings you some relief. Margaret

  6. says

    yikes. tooth pain is like no other. sorry the first dentist missed what sounds like a more serious problem. im surprised they didnt x-ray??? hope its resolved tomorrow. kel

  7. The Neighbours says

    Awwww Gav, we are worried about you too! Hope you can get fixed up tomorrow morning.

    We miss you!!

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