Not A Good Forecast

This week is going to be very hot.  Here is the forecast for Melbourne, Victoria, from the BOM.  The temperatures are in Celsius.

Forecast for Tuesday

Sunny. Min 15 Max 38

Forecast for Wednesday

Sunny. Min 25 Max 41

Forecast for Thursday

Sunny. Min 26 Max 40

Forecast for Friday

Sunny. Min 24 Max 40

Forecast for Saturday

Sunny. Min 24 Max 40

Forecast for Sunday

Cloudy. Min 23 Max 31

Forecast for Monday

Cloudy. Isolated showers. Light winds. Min 23 Max 30

As you can see, not a pretty site, and still no rain since the 10th of December.  This forecast is for Melbourne, and typically we experience temps that are about 2 degrees higher than the city.  With the rainwater tank at 50%, and just about every day over 40 for the next 5 days, I hope the water in it lasts until it rains again.  I dare say I will have to water every single evening just so the veggie patch survives.  We will have to keep an eye on the chooks during the day and give them a squirt with the misting bottle every so often.  We will let them out so that they can sit under the plum tree in the cool shade.  I reckon they will be OK.

Power consumption will be at an all time high during the week, and I dare say the power grid will struggle to keep up with the demand for air conditioning.  I wouldn’t be surprised if we experience some brown outs near the end of the week. 

Kim is going to go into hibernation for the week, and stick to the air conditioned part of the house.  We have lots of meals we have made and frozen for the week, so we will not be doing much cooking in the kitchen.  This should help to keep the house a bit cooler as well.

I believe that most of Southern Australia is going to face similar temperatures over the next week, so those of my readers that share this locale, I wish you luck surviving the heat.  Apparently it is going to be the hottest week in 100 years!  Who said that climate change is not real?



  1. says

    I live in 35 – 40 degree heat and 60+ humidity nearly everyday here. Have been for weeks. I just cant handle the heat since the cancer and dont cope very well with it. Maybe I should look to rent in a cooler part of the state. Its not nice and Im so looking forward to the cold snap come June.I handle the cold much better than the heat.

  2. Anonymous says

    we had about 100 mm of rain last week and guess what the landlord has put in a 5000 Lt water tank this week when the rain has gone just our luck we will be right for the next rain tho ELLIE

  3. The hot and bothered pregnant neighbour says

    1st day almost down. And I’m not looking pretty!

    Hope Kim is still kicking next door.
    Our vegies better be ok!

  4. says

    Best of Luck Gav,

    Yeah, looked at the Bom yesterday and my first thought was… Good Gracious, I don’t have enough mulch to cope with that. Luckily my local source was available for me to do a 6pm pickup and I spent a couple of hours spreading a much deeper layer of insulation over my soil.

    Even so by Saturday things are going to be rough both in the garden and inside. Mudbrick is pretty good at moderating.. but when it heats up it stays hot.

    Kind Regards

  5. says

    Hi Gav,

    I was watching ‘Sunrise’ this morning and saw the weather for VIC. Sydney had a 41 degree day on Saturday while I was photographing outside – I thought I was going to pass out.

    I can’t imagine having to go through a whole week of that type of heat Gav. Fingers cross you guys will get some rain and a cool change.

    I hope your vegies will be ok.

    Hey by the way I have lots of family down in Geelong, Lara and Point Lonsdale. Is that anywhere near you?

  6. says

    Hope your garden survives Gavin, we hit a high of 41 on Saturday, all inside with windows and shutters closed and fans going full blast. With two watering sessions a day and lots of old sheets over things I managed not to lose anything. It has been raining now for 12 hours, hopefully you will get our rain soon. Good Luck

  7. says

    I hate droughts!

    We had a draught that started as soon as we got our rain barrels installed this past summer. GRRRR, so fora month I had to use city water, wished we’d finished sooner!

  8. says

    Climate change is real alright, and this is just the beginning I suspect. We saw 49C temps here for the last 3 years, unheard of in this region when I was a child!

    Like Kim I hibernate, garden 5 am, work by 9am, home by 3pm and inside until 5am again lol!

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