How low can they go?

When I read this headline on the ABC news on-line, I laughed very loudly.

The guts of the article goes like this. It states that Professor Andrew Pitman (Climate Change Research Centre, University of NSW) claims that real estate agents have threatened to make his life difficult if he continues to publish research about how vulnerable particular properties are to rising sea levels and coastal erosion.

Talk about strong arm tactics, or what. Anyone with half a brain could see that this was bound to happen. Even if you don’t believe in man made climate change, it is a fact that sea levels and storm surge events are rising and will continue to rise even if we do take action to reduce our emissions soon. Just ask the poor President and residents of Tuvalu!

Now I am not saying that all real estate agents are like these clowns, because my brother Jim is an agent up in Queensland. I believe that he has morals, and is not like the people who are hassling poor Prof. Pitman. These guys would give George W. Bush and his Environmental advisor a run for their money!

It just goes to show, that when their incomes are on the line, people will do anything to bury the truth. Just ask all the Big Coal and Oil lobbyists standing in line outside of PM Rudd’s office!


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    Gav, I can remember 10 – 15 years ago having a conversation with a real estate agent telling him I didn’t want to buy a particular poperty because of climate change and rising waters etc etc (the property was right on sea level).

    He laughed at me and said “that is something we don’t have to worry about till a long time in the future”.

    To which I responded “what about my kids and grandkids when they inherit a house under or surrounded by water?”

    He laughed and laughed and said “you are really funny.

    Bet he isn’t laughing now.

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    That is just so typical of FATCATS isnt it? Enough to get your blood boiling! Ocean surges and Hurricanes and Cyclones are REAL. Just do a little research and the facts are more than apparant, some countries have lost up to 4% of their coastline just by surges alone! And its only noticable because it was sudden…the coastlines have been disappearing for years but was never noticed untill there was a surge. Gets you to thinking who or what is the lesser of two evils doesnt it?

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