A Cockroaches View of Humans

Just imagine looking at the current state of the planet from the perspective of the humble cockroach. From their point of view, we are doing a pretty good job on wiping ourselves out by stuffing up our current civilisation and many other mammalian species in the process.

Also imagine, if you will, a website written by our cockroach friends, laughing at our own stupid destruction, and the kind of things that they would post, in an effort to urge us on.

Well imagine no longer, because for the last few months such a website is being written by our earthly Periplaneta companions! Take a look at “The Choking Planet” site, and tell me what you think. I think it is written in a humorous, yet thought provoking way. I have laughed at just about every post, and the roach (disguised as a human) who edits this blog has a very unique writing style. Parody at its best.

Long live the roaches, and keep it brown! (I am joking).


  1. says

    Although the mighty roach will survive the initial nuclear (nukular for White House staff) catastrophe, its reproductive cycle will be likely to bring it down with the rest of life on earth-perhaps a few months later.

    No, if you want to assure cockroach survival; it is best to stick to the current plan of speeding up global warming.

  2. says

    This is truly an interesting way of looking at things.

    Our eggheads also suggest that when we do wipe ourselves of the face of the planet , even by thermonuclear means, the only surviving creature will be the Cockroach.

    Brings back memories of a movie called DAMNATION ALLEY

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