Reality Bites!

Adam, my 21 year old son, has just moved out of home again for the second time. He has moved to live with his girlfriend in Melton South, as her mum has just moved to Queensland to be with her sister. Life may have just become a little bit harder now that he has to pay his own bills!

Anyway, I sent him an email at lunch time, to ask him to return a power board that he accidentally on purpose took when clearing out his room. Here is how the conversation went (with some bits edited);

Gavin says:
When you visit again, I would like you to return my spare powerboard. The one you had your phone charger plugged into. I need it to connect all of the switches and ADSL routers up to so I can save some power by switching them off at night when not in use.

Adam says:
No wukkas. I’ll bring them around next time i visit. Also, can i borrow your kw hrs gizmo thing you use to measure energy ratings or power points, i want to see what around my house is using power and what isn’t.

Gavin says:
No problems with the Power-Mate but better still, I can do an energy audit for you free of charge. How does that sound? It would give me practice for a potential business opportunity.
I was in shock and awe when you asked for it. It must have hit home to you now that you have to pay your own power bill. Make sure it is a boomerang, as it cost a lot of money ($350+)

Adam says:
Thanks daddsy,
Yeah when the prospect of paying ones own bills is upon you, you try and remember everything your hippy dad taught you about Woodstock and power management…
Give me a week or two to sort out my furniture and get the old person and cigarette smell out of the house then we can maybe do lunch at my house and you can audit up my power usage. I can finally understand what it was like for trying to teach us kids to be more green. teaching Stacey is becoming a chore but she’ll learn as we all did.

Gavin says:
That would be the most grown up email I have ever received from you Son! And it will be my pleasure to do the audit for you. Kim says she is very proud of that statement. She is not well today and in bed with a bad back. Mine gets better, hers gets worse, but it is OK. I am taking care of her.

Adam says:
You can put that quote up on your blog if you’d like, i don’t mind if you don’t edit it. If i knew i was being quoted i would of said something more epic. Something more along the lines of Braveheart and all that. Good to hear about your back, do you have any follow up treatments or was it a once off? Give Kim my regards and tell her not to let it get her down. If you can, check this out:
i think you might like it since you work in an office.

Gavin Says:
Cool, and you are funny.

I will look at the vid later, and Kim says thanks. Watch for the post tonight, it will be very enlightening.

Well, you could have knocked me over with a feather. The lad has actually learnt something. I thought Adam would be the least green out of all of us, but it just goes to show that money talks when you have to pay your own bills. Not only can I help him lighten his bills, but I can give him and Stacey tips on other ways to save natural gas, and how to insulate their place better. They are renting from Stacey’s mum, so they will not be able to go all out, but just some simple draft proofing will make all the difference now that winter is upon us. A chip off the old block after all!

I will leave you with this thought provoking quote to reflect upon when you think your kids just don’t get it:

Children have never been very good at listening to their elders, but they have never failed to imitate them. – James Baldwin, Nobody Knows My Name.

P.S. the video is very funny.


  1. says

    Congratulations! I know many parents who worry about being able to pass their green values on to their children. It’s nice to hear a success story!

  2. Anonymous says

    Gavin the wonder dad! Our son also moved out recently and I nearly die with amazement at how much more responsible he is and now he is even getting annoyed by one of the people he shares a house with who is messy! Messy! He, who was the king of mess when at home!And now he is so green too – wow, we are doing alright Gavin!

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