The Great Kilowatt Challenge eBook – On Sale!

The Great Kilowatt Challenge

A year in the writing, The Great Kilowatt Challenge eBook and companion worksheet are now available for purchase at my eBookstore! Here is the book blurb; The Great Kilowatt Challenge eBook The Step by Step Guide to $aving Easy Money off Your Power Bills Want to save some easy money off your power bill, but you don't know where to start? Are you sick of paying a small fortune on   [Continue Reading …]

Next eBook At Proof Readers!

The Great Kilowatt Challenge

I know that I have been hinting occasionally that I am in the process of writing two new eBooks, and that it has been over 18 months since my last publication.  Thankfully, I knuckled down for the entire weekend and managed to get one finished! The Great Kilowatt Challenge is now with my proof reader, the lovely Pam (my mother in law), and should be ready for publication in the next week. It   [Continue Reading …]

eBook Writing Again!


It has been a long while since I wrote and published an eBook.  The last one was my cheese making eBook Keep Calm and Make Cheese, which was published in April 2013. That is 12 months ago, so I have been slack for far too long. So what am I writing?  Well, actually dear reader, I am writing two eBooks! The first one is an eBook idea that I tried to turn into a course, but after a fair bit   [Continue Reading …]

Sustainable Living eBook Update Plus a Bonus For You


I was talking to some friends the other day about my sustainable living eBooks and after I told them what they were about, naturally the conversation steered towards sales figures.  I think they were curious to see if there was any money in it.Now, I didn't really know the exact figure, and even though there is a small but steady monthly royalty from the eBooks that comes my way, I have never   [Continue Reading …]

Head Down, Bottom Up and a Request


I love writing! I find that once I declare something via this blog, I work at it furiously until complete.My next eBook is no exception, which is about growing food on your suburban yard and is tentatively titled "The Suburban Food Farm".  So far I have written 2776 words and I am up to the second chapter.  The first draft is coming along well, and I am pleased with the results so far.   [Continue Reading …]

New Book Idea – Seeking Feedback


I have a new eBook idea, but I am after some feedback first, before I plunge into the project.I am planning to write something along the lines of "the Suburban Food Farm" (working title), which will focus on how to get the most out of a small suburban plot and how to grow food even under less than ideal conditions.Even though I am not a trained horticulturist, I believe that I have a wealth of   [Continue Reading …]

Winter/Summer eBook Sale!


I don't often directly plug my products on this blog because I am not a big fan of bombarding my readers with ads, but this offer was too good not to tell you about.If you are looking for a good read on these cold evenings in front of the fire, then look no further.  Readers have often said that they are good value for money, and now they are even cheaper!  If you want to learn about   [Continue Reading …]

Free eBook – The Greening of Gavin


On this, World Environment Day, I have made a decision to make my very first eBook free for all time. "The Greening of Gavin - My First Year of Living Sustainably" is now a free gift to all who want it.  It was my first self-publication, which I am still very proud of to this day. What will you learn about if you download it? Well, you will learn about all the actions and steps that our   [Continue Reading …]

Keep Calm and Make Cheese eBook Available


Finally, after four months of hard work, my cheese making eBook is now available for purchase. It has been a labour of love, and great fun to produce.Here are the book description.Keep Calm and Make Cheese - The Beginners Guide To Cheese Making at HomeHave you ever wanted to make real cheese at home, but didn't know where or how to start?  Well look no further, as this book makes it easy for   [Continue Reading …]

Cheesy Update

Little Green Cheese Podcast 026

I have been busily working on a new part of the Little Green Cheese site, namely an accompanying podcast.  Funnily enough it is called "Little Green Cheese Podcast".  If anything I am consistent.Coming Soon!This is so that I can bring you verbal answers to questions, quick tips, and interviews with other amateur and professional cheese makers from around the world.  If anyone   [Continue Reading …]

How I Self Publish eBooks


Have you ever wanted to write a book? I bet you have thought about it once or twice in your lifetime.There is an old saying that there is a book inside of everyone just waiting to be written. I know that for many years I thought it was all too much trouble and hard work, but if I have learnt anything on this journey, it is that it is the hard things that are definitely worth the doing   [Continue Reading …]

New eBook Artwork


I really enjoy creating eBook covers, and definitely believe that the old adage is not true;People really do judge a book by its cover!So to that end, I decided to give my very first book "The Greening Of Gavin - My First Year Of Living Sustainably" a facelift.Here is what I came up with.Old CoverNew CoverI have run this change past my artistic director, Kim, who gave me some tips   [Continue Reading …]

TGoG Podcast 030 – eBook Launch: Build Your Own Backyard Clay Oven


Well folks, the day has finally arrived.  I have been talking about this eBook for over four months, and now the time for talk is over.  It is here!  As an extra special treat for this eBook launch, I recorded a podcast in which I read the first two chapters for your enjoyment. Introducing my newly published eBook, titled; Build Your Own Backyard Clay Oven by Gavin Webber It seems   [Continue Reading …]

Clay Oven eBook Off to the Proof Reader


I realise that a lot of my posts of late have been about my eBooks, and hopefully it is not wearing too thin with you dear reader. It has been because I have been on holidays and the days have been very hot. I have found myself being unable to do normal outdoor sustainable things, except to keep the garden and chooks alive.With all this indoor time on my hands, and due to the fact that I don't   [Continue Reading …]

A Cheese Making eBook?


So, today as I was waiting for Kim to finish editing the outdoor clay oven manuscript, I started thinking about what else I was a subject matter expert on (expert status loosely applied of course).It took me a few minutes until I came up with the idea of writing a book about Home Cheese Making.  It struck me as bleeding obvious seeing that I also write a cheese making blog over at Little   [Continue Reading …]

Giving Some Back – Donating


Donating makes me feel good, especially to a worthy cause, such as sustainable living education.I joined a not-for-profit group, the Alternative Technology Association back in 2006 as one of my first actions to learn about sustainable living.  This association has always provided helpful green living advice, and technical and practical information via their two wonderful magazines,   [Continue Reading …]

TGoG Podcast 029 – TGoG eBook Reading

The Greening of Gavin Podcast

Back after a long, long break, I start off the podcast again with a bang! This episode is a special eBook reading from my book titled "The Greening of Gavin - My First Year of Living Sustainably". I wanted to do this podcast for a while now, because so many people have asked me how I perform a book launch for an eBook.  Well this puzzled me for a while until a mate mentioned that I should   [Continue Reading …]

Build Your Own Small Solar Power System eBook

Today, I published my third eBook.  It has taken me nearly two months to write, edit, seek technical advice, design a book cover, and get it proof read. I would like to thank Michael O'Connell and Phil Richardson for their technical expertise and advice.  It would have only been half of the book without their input. A big kiss goes to my Mother-in-law, Pam, who diligently proof reads each of   [Continue Reading …]