The Great Kilowatt Challenge eBook – On Sale!

A year in the writing, The Great Kilowatt Challenge eBook and companion worksheet are now available for purchase at my eBookstore!

Here is the book blurb;

The Great Kilowatt Challenge

The Great Kilowatt Challenge eBook

The Step by Step Guide to $aving Easy Money off Your Power Bills

Want to save some easy money off your power bill, but you don’t know where to start?

Are you sick of paying a small fortune on seemingly ever rising  electricity costs?

Do you want to take back control?

Well you can right now!  The Great Kilowatt Challenge is an eBook and worksheet designed to help you get control of your electricity consumption and lower that bill.

The step by step four week challenge will help you gain a better understanding of how to determine which appliances and behaviours within your home are costing you the most money, and how to turn that around back in your favour.

The companion worksheet is available as downloadable content within the ebook.

This comprehensive eBook is exclusive to The Greening of Gavin readers only.  You will not find this excellent guide anywhere else on the web or at other ebook retailers until a few months time.

Get it before you receive your next electricity bill.  You won’t regret it!

For more information about what the ebook offers, head on over to ebookstore.


A big shout out goes to Pam for proof reading it, and to all the beta testers who participated in the very first Great Kilowatt Challenge in 2011.

From that original and successful series of blog posts came the idea for the eBook where it saved many readers a lot of money off their power bills.

The worksheet, which is found as a link within the eBook, has full instructions for entering your meter data, and assists in automatically calculating your daily electricity usage and cost.  It couldn’t be any easier than that.

I have also included a weekly feedback option within the eBook where the challenge participants can share their results and ask further questions if needs be.  I don’t expect that everyone will share, but the option is there if you want it.

Anyway, thanks for being patient with me while I put this eBook together.  It is well worth the wait!

Next eBook At Proof Readers!

I know that I have been hinting occasionally that I am in the process of writing two new eBooks, and that it has been over 18 months since my last publication.  Thankfully, I knuckled down for the entire weekend and managed to get one finished!

The Great Kilowatt Challenge is now with my proof reader, the lovely Pam (my mother in law), and should be ready for publication in the next week.

It is a guide with workbooks that will help you reduce your power bills and collect easy money by simple behavioural changes during a four-week challenge.  I have personally done the challenge twice and saved 62.2% and 10% respectively of my power bill.  All through energy efficiency alone.

Add solar PV to the mix and the savings have been amazing.

The eBook was in a half written state for about six months, and I finally found a free weekend in which to complete it.  At over 11,000 words, it is just the right size for this type of guide/workbook.

The cover I created is shown below.

The Great Kilowatt Challenge (c)

The Great Kilowatt Challenge © Gavin Webber

It has felt great to be back in the writer’s seat again, banging on the keyboard hour after hour.

So, stay tuned for the book launch sometime during the week.

I am excited!  I know that I had lots of interested readers when I first announced this project a while back, so it should get the message out that saving money on your power bills is easy money!

eBook Writing Again!

It has been a long while since I wrote and published an eBook.  The last one was my cheese making eBook Keep Calm and Make Cheese, which was published in April 2013.

That is 12 months ago, so I have been slack for far too long.

So what am I writing?  Well, actually dear reader, I am writing two eBooks!

The first one is an eBook idea that I tried to turn into a course, but after a fair bit of mucking around, I decided to go back to the eBook format.

It is titled The Great Kilowatt Challenge – The Step by Step Guide to Saving Easy Money off Your Power Bills.  Just to show that I am serious, I have already half written the manuscript, and have designed the cover.

The Great Kilowatt Challenge

The Great Kilowatt Challenge © 2014 Gavin Webber

I am dedicating two hours per night to get this one wrapped up.  It will only be available on my website which is a change for me.  Normally I format it for Amazon and Smashwords distribution and publish there as well, however, I have decided to up the design stakes and add a lot more information to this one.

It will only be available in Adobe Acrobat reader (PDF) format, however this can be read on all Kindle, iPad, and Android tablet devices.  My personally set deadline for this eBook is 30 April 2014.  I think that date is achievable.

The second eBook is one that I promised ages ago.  Its working title is Suburban Food Farm, but that may change as well.  I am up to the third chapter in the manuscript, but I am not happy on how it reads so far.  I want it to be something that you can only apply to small spaces that most suburban homes have.

Currently it reads like a standard gardening book, which probably doesn’t excite anyone, especially me.  It has to be unique, or not worth writing as far as I am concerned.  Anyway, leave that one with me.  I am sure that if I spend a bit of time in the garden an idea will spring forth out of my brain box.  Maybe I should just design a book cover and see what inspiration takes me.  I haven’t come up with a subtitle for the book as yet, so that will probably make all the difference once I decide upon one.

So there you have it.  It feels good to be writing again after so long.  It seems like it was an eternity since I hit that publish button!

What do you think of the titles?  Worthy additions to my eBook series?